Sunday, August 9, 2009


This was such a beautiful episode. Kendra looked beautiful in her dress and the wedding was beautiful. I defiantly almost cried. I thought it was really cute when even Hef was crying.

Brooke Knows Best

Wow...the whole "green" thing is great and all, but Ashley took it a tad bit too far. I'm sure if that were me, I would not be able to put up with all that.

Make It or Break It

So not only is Lauren a bitch, but she is a crazy bitch. Thank goodness for Summer talking some sense into Lauren, again. Lauren may not like Summer, but she could learn a lot from her.

10 Things I Hate About You

Poor Cameron just can't compare to Joey. Just another one of those guys that will only be seen as a friend, a "little brother." And Joey...he may be hot but I don't see much else going for him.

Ruby and the Rockits

This show never fails to make me laugh. I loved the opening scene with Ruby and Jordan. They are so hilarious together. And David can be such an airhead when it comes to parenting sometimes, but he is so funny!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Lost Profiles: Charlie

This week's Lost profile: Charlie

Name: Charlie Pace

Played By: Dominic Monaghan

From: Manchester, England

Age: 25

Former Profession: Musician

Relationship Status: Single

Children: None

Why he was in Australia: He went to persuade his brother into coming back to their band, Drivshaft.

People he came into contact with before the crash: None

Other people he is connected to from Flight 815:
  • Sayid- He saved Sayid's childhood friend, (and later wife) Nadia from being mugged on day on the street
How he died: He drowned after swimming down to the Looking Glass station to switch of a device that was blocking transmittance to and from the island because the room he was in flooded

*Most of my information comes from Wikipedia, so let me know if I missed something*

Next Week: Claire

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

New TV Show Review: Megan Wants A Millionaire

Last night, VH1 debuted their newest celebriality dating show, Megan Wants A Millionaire, starring reality fame-whore, Megan Hauserman. This will be Megan's 5th reality show that she has starred in. She has also been on Beauty and the Geek (where she won the third season), Rock of Love with Bret Micheals, I Love Money, and Rock of Love: Charm School.

This time around in the VH1 reality dating show world, Megan is looking for love. Not only is she looking for love, but she wants that special guy to have lots of money. Every guy on the show has a net worth, of at least, one million dollars. Can you say gold digger? But then again these guys must be pretty desparate if they are willing to spend huge amounts of cash on a woman while she also dates other men.

Speaking of the men, some of these guys are somethin' else. Lets go through some of them, shall we?

Garth...he just seems like a huge tool. And the fact that he is a millionaire and a plumber, is kind of weird to me. If your a millionaire, why would you still continue to be a plumber? He is also kind of childish if you ask me. Making fun of someone, just because he isn't "your cup of tea" is a little immature. And what is more mature is that he broke his piggy bank that Megan gave him, just for kicks. Yeah, thats a little immature.

Joe...poor Joe. Garth made fun of him and then broke his piggy bank. He did seem a little flaymboyent though. But he does seem like a sweet guy.

Al...what the hell Al? What was that "joke" you played on Megan?? Seriously!? It was not cute and it was not funny. Not only want it none of those things but it caused Megan to spill her drink all over her dress and I'm pretty sure I saw some get in her eyes. And he lauged about it!

Audi...what the hell is a "hump game?" Sounds way dirty, which is probably why Megan eliminated you. Thats coming on a little strong, dude.

James...has an estate of 4 million bucks, that he hasn't recieved yet. Not only that but he lives at home with him mommy and daddy. Well, dude, Megan wants a millionaire, that actually has the money, which is probably why you got eliminated. I know this is a little shallow of her to do, but whatever.

And last, but certainly not least...Donald. Oh Donald, a 50 year old movie producer, who has seen all of the shows that Megan has been in. He wants to put her in one of his movies. I don't see boyfriend potential there, but a crazy peverted stalker, who comes up with the lamest stuff to say. "I don't want to be stranded at an Nsync concert left saying 'Bye Bye Bye.'" or "Like Lady Gaga said, 'Just dance, It'll be ok, Just Dance." I bet you can guess why she got rid of him.

This season of Megan Wants A Millionaire should be a good one. It should be funny, just like all the other crazy VH1 reality shows.

Monday, August 3, 2009

New TV Show Review is Postponed

This week's TV Show Review was to be on Megan Wants A Millionaire. I missed it's premiere last night so that is why the review is not up yet. I will try and catch it sometime tomorrow and post about it then.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

2 Season Finales, Lauren and Joey Are Still Jerks, and Kendra's Pregnant


I was so sad for Kendra when she broke the pregnancy news to her mom. I understood where her mom was coming from, but it was still sad. Moving out of the mansion was the best thing Kendra could have done. It has really made her grow up. And Hank is such a good match for her. I'm glad they all settled their differences though. And it was so cute to see the first ultra sound!

Make It or Break It

I know I say this in like every post, but I hate Lauren. I just hate her more and more. I understand she's upset about her mom and stuff, but why does that mean you have to act like that...telling her dad's girlfriend he's never going to marry her and telling your "best friends" boyfriend to break up with her because he cheated on her with you...Good riddance, however, because neither plans worked, did they? And I know that Emily should have listened to the coach and not did what she did, but did he have to tell her she couldn't go to nationals? Kinda harsh!

Charm School

This was the first episode Ashley actually looked like she deserved to win. For a second she was kind of growing on me, but I'm over it now. I wanted Marcia to win, but I know the reason she didn't was because she wasn't totally honest with her mother. After watching this episode Risky did deserve to win. She finally opened up and her speech was probably the best.

Daisy of Love

I actually didn't watch this season finale episode, but I did hear who won via Twitter. I just have one question...Daisy, are you insane?? London leaves you once, comes back, begs for forgivness, you give him another show, and then you chose him over Flex and 12 Pack? 12 Pack I can understand, he was such a fame whore. Flex seemed to be a great guy, and he was hot! I mean, I understand Daisy had the best connection with him. You could see that because whenever she was around him. But who's to say he's not going to leave you again!? I see a season 2 coming soon!

The Real World

I really wish they would have sent Joey home. I really can't stand him. Obviously if he is getting wasted the night before work and calls off work because he is "not feeling well" and not even calling in but having a roommate break the news to their boss, he isn't taking this job seriously. I really hope it happens again. I love this show but sometimes I can't stand to watch this season because of him. He's not good television, he's just annoying.