Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Top 5 Tuesday: New Shows

For this week's top 5 Tuesday, I decided to count down my top 5 favorite new tv shows.

#5 The Little Couple

This show just started this summer, on TLC, and even though I've only seen a few episodes, I really like it! I really enjoy watching Little People, Big World, so I was excited to watch this show.

Tattoo Highway

So I know I said top 5, and this would make a 6th, but it's tied for the number 5 spot. I love tattoos so I was excited when this show was starting on A&E. There are so many cool tattoos on the show, and it really makes me want to get another, myself.

#4 Jonas

Jonas is the newest Disney Channel comedy, starring, none other, than the Jonas Brothers. I love the Jonas Brothers so I was excited when this show was starting, and I love it!

#3 Obsessed

I'm a psych major, so I was so excited when I knew this show was starting on A&E. It's a great show for me to watch to get a good idea of what it's like to work with patients with anxiety and obsessive compulsive disorder.

#2 Make It or Break It

Even though, this show just started last week, on ABC Family, and I've only seen the two episodes that have aired, I love it! I know that its going to be one of those addictive shows. And it's different than any other show I've watched.

And my number 1 favorite new show....


Kendra Wilkinson is my favorite 'Girl Next Door,' so I was super excited when I heard she was getting her very own show, on E! I think she is hilarious, and this show is nothing but. I love this show just as much, if not more, than The Girls Next Door.

What are your favorite new tv shows?

Monday, June 29, 2009

New Review Monday

Every Monday I'm going to do a review on a new show, or tv movie. Its part of my new lineup for this blog.

This Week I'm going to talk about the newest Disney Channel movie, Princess Protection Program, starring Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato.

Princess Protection Program debuted on the Disney Channel, on Friday, June 26 at 8 p.m. Unfortunately I missed it Friday, but was able to catch it again the next night. Disney had a special Princess Protection Program weekend.

Princess Protection Program is about a princess, Rosie, played by Demi Lovato, who is about to become queen of her country. A month before that happens, her country is invaded by an evil dictator who takes her mother captive and wants her as well, but Rosie is soon put into the Princess Protection Program where she goes to live with an agent of the PPP, played by Tom Verica, and his daughter, Carter, played by Selena Gomez. Life with Carter is not easy, and it's not easy for Rosie to be a "normal" teenager. And the "mean girls" at school, Chelsea and Brooke, played by Jamie Chug and Samantha Droke, don't make life easy for either of them, especially when Rosie and Carter are both nominated for Homecoming Princessess.

This is a wonderful movie about friendship and the chemistry between Gomez and Lovato is great! I guess it helps being best friends in real life. Both girls are great actressess, with Gomez being in the Disney show Wizards of Wavery Place, and Lovato being in the Disney show Sonny With A Chance, and they are both great in this movie. They also sing some songs for the soundtrack. Not only are they great actressess but they are good singers too, just like most Disney Channel actors.

This is a great family movie, it's cute and funny, and I recommend it to everyone. However, I don't think it's going to be shown on Disney for the rest of the summer, but it is coming to Disney DVD.

*Next week, I'll review the newest ABC Family Original Series, Make It or Break It*

New Blog Ideas

I've been thinking of new ideas for this blog, simply because of the fact that I'm getting bored with it. I started this blog so I could express my thoughts on the shows that I watch, hoping that I would get followers that enjoyed some of the same shows that I did. Now, I'm just getting bored with it all, and I watch too many shows for even myself to keep up with.

Now I think I'm just going to do one post, maybe Sunday or Monday, that has all my thoughts on each show I've watched that past week. But there will be occasional post, where its all about one show, like the last post I did where I expressed my thoughts on each "Real World: Cancun" cast member.

Then there is of course my top 5 Tuesday, however, I am thinking of new things to countdown. And then on Wednesday I have the Lost Profiles, where I do a profile on each character, because Lost is one of my favorite shows.

I need some more ideas, though. I did come up with a couple ideas. One, is doing weekly reviews on new shows, or tv movies, that just came out. The other is and a profile on a different show each week, that way, maybe you guys can get into a new show ;)

So the weekly lineup would look something like this:

Sunday: Review on the past week's shows
Monday: New show, or tv movie review
Tuesday: Top 5 Tuesday
Wednesday: The Lost Profiles
Thursday: TV show profile

So far, I have nothing for Friday or Saturday, since it's the weekend, but if any of you have any more ideas, I could put them in one of those slots.

This will all start this week!

I'd love to hear your thoughts, ideas, whatever :)

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Real World Heads to Cancun

Season 22 of the famous MTV show is heading to Cancun, Mexico. And I have to say, I think its going to be a crazy season.

This season there are the typical couple of people with significant others, who say they will be faithful, but later on prove themselves wrong. There is also the typical gay guy, of course. It would not be a "Real World" with out the usual homosexual male. There is also a tattooed rocker, a black beauty, the emotional one, the jokester, and of course, the one who America voted in.

Lets go through each of them, shall we?

Derek: The Gay Guy

This 21 year old from Phoenix seems like a friend to all and someone that you can really get along with. He seems like a person I would get along with so well.

Jonna: The Beauty with a Boyfriend

The 20 year old, Arizona beauty, has a boyfriend, but swears she is not going to cheat. Well, thats what they all say! Lets hope she is true to her word though, and lets hope she doesn't forget about the "promise piercing" on her left ring finger. She seems like a cool chick, though, and someone that I could get along with.

Joey: The Tattooed Rocker

This 22 year old, rocker, from Lawrence, MA, is giving me mixed feelings. I really don't know about him yet. He kind of gives me the vibe of someone I wouldn't get along with, but maybe in time he will start to grow on me. And I'm sure he will be the one in the house that gets the most action, considering he was the first to hook up with a girl, just like he wanted.

Jasmine: The Black Beauty

With her small, petite figure, this 22 year old from Texas looks like a sweetheart, but I would watch out! She even said herself, she can be nice, but she isn't afraid to say whats on her mind! She looks nice and sweet, and that she may be, but I would be scared to make her mad.

CJ: The Heartthrob

This handsome, 24 year old, Florida native seems to be the dreamy one of the group. But wait, girls, he also has someone back home. Well, I guess he doesn't anymore. I guess he just didn't think he could stay faithful. Not after cuddling with a roommate. At least he broke things off with his girl before he did cheat. He still seems to be a sweetheart, and someone I could get along with.

Emilee: The Emotional One

This 21 year old, also from MA, might just be the one that will let her emotions get the best of her, already admitting that she suffers from anxiety. She seems to be the one that will be the most sensitive one out of the group, already getting upset, with the comments Joey was making to her about her Hooter's job. But being a sensitive girl myself, she seems to be the one I would have the most common with.

Bronne: The Jokester

This 21 year old, whose name sounds like the toilet paper, from Pennsylvania, seems to be the one that will play pranks and make people laugh. I guess that's what he was going for when he made out with a "Sharon Osborne" lookalike that could be old enough to be his mom. But every Real World house has that one person that plays pranks and keeps everyone laughing.

And last but certainly not least we have...

Ayiiia: The Internet Winner

This 21 year old, California native, was the one voted by the people, to become the 8th Real World castmate. Being a Mexican native and speaking Spanish fluently, she seems to be the one that will fit in with the Cancun atmosphere the most. Lets hope America chose the right person to be on the show because I remember when America chose Greg to be apart of the "The Real World: Hollywood..."

So what do you think if this season's cast?

And the Winner Is...

It was the finale, and the last night in the jungle for our celebrities of "I'm A Celebrity: Get Me Out of Here." Most of the episode was a recap of what has happened throughout the season and all of the celebrities who have gotten voted off, were back for a last rendez vous. All except for Frangela of course.

The comedic moment of the show was, of course, Speidi. Oh, how I've missed them being on the show. While everyone was chosing who they wanted to win, this is what Spencer and Heidi had to say...

Spencer: In my mind I believe I'm still in the jungle.
Heidi: Yeah, I'm voting for Spencer to win.
Spencer: *creepy eye wink*

Seriously!? Those two are so weird.

So anyway, the winner of "I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here...."

Lou Diamond Phillips

Well that is no surprise! I was actually betting on Torrie, because she is a bad ass chick, but I knew Lou would win.

And he totally deserves it!

The Lost Profiles: Sawyer

I apologize for always forgetting to do this.

But anyway...this week's lost profile is the hottness of...


Name: James "Sawyer" Ford A.K.A Jim Lefleur

Played By: Josh Holloway

Age: 39

From: Knoxville, Tennessee

Profession: Con-man

Relationship Status: In a relationship with Julliet Burke

Children: A daughter, Clementine, from a past relationship

Why he was in Australia: He wanted to kill the man that was responsible for his parent's death only to find out his partner had conned him into killing a man who owed him money, and the real Sawyer was still out there.

People he came into contact with before the crash:
  • Boone: They were both arrested while in Austraila, and both sent to the same police station
Other people he is connected to from flight 815:
  • Kate: He once visited the diner where her mother worked at
  • Jack: He once encountered Jack's father at an Australian bar
Life after the Oceanic 6 leave the island: He, along with some others, join the Dharma Initiative, while waiting for the others to come back to the island, where he makes up a lie and becomes Jim Lefleur and becomes the head of security. He, along with the others that joined the DI, make new lives for themselves, where they end up staying for 3 years, and he builds a romatic relationship with Julliet.

*Most of my information comes from Wikepedia so let me know if I missed something*

Next time around: Sun

Monday, June 22, 2009

I Love the Disney Channel

The Disney channel is one channel that I am always watching. So for this week's top 5 Tuesday I'll countdown my top 5 Disney channel shows.

I'm sorry it's been awhile since I've done one. It sometimes slips my mind to updating my themed days on this blog :P

But anyway, here it is...


I love the Jonas Brothers so I was excited when I heard they were getting their own show on the Disney Channel. It's only been on for a little while, but I love it! They are such a talented group.

Wizards of Waverly Place
Selena Gomez is really funny in this show, playing one of those teenagers that really doesn't care about anything, who does whatever it takes to get her way. She is such a great actress and she plays this part so well. And the chemistry she has with her onscreen brothers is great! They all make this show really funny.

Sonny With A Chance
This is also a newer show on Disney channel starring Demi Lovato. Demi is another really talented actress...and singer. She is really funny on this show. Her co-stars are also pretty funny!

The Suite Life of Zack and Cody/Suite Life on Deck

I love "The Suite Life of Zack and Cody," so I was really excited when they were going to star in a new show, that was a spinoff of their old show. Dylan and Cole Sprouse are hilarious, just as hilarious and cute as they were when they were little on "Big Daddy."

And my number one favorite Disney channel show is...

I love Miley Cyrus and I think she is such a great actress on Hannah Montana. She is hilarious as well as is the whole cast. The chemistry with her and her castmates is great and she is great friends in real life with all of them. I also love music, as Hannah and as Miley.

Jon & Kate Separate

I haven't been keeping up with "Jon and Kate Plus 8" because it is on the same time as "I'm A Celebrity," and I've been watching that. But I managed to catch a rerun, and I was glad, because I was really wanting to find out what this big announcement way, even though I had a pretty good idea of what it would be. And considering, today, they filed for divorce, it really wasn't hard to predict what the announcement would be.

Jon and Kate announced that they are separating because they don't want the kids to be around their fighting. I just don't see why they don't go to counseling. They didn't even try that hard to keep their marriage alive. I feel like they kind of just gave up. If I had been married for 10 years and I had 8 kids I would try like hell to keep my marriage from falling apart and getting a divorce.

They really should quit the show, if they want to save their marriage. I think they have made enough money to support their kids without the show.

What do you guys think?

Only A Couple Days Left in the Jungle

There is only two days left until the finale of "I'm A Celebrity," where one person will be crowned king or queen of the jungle.

And five days before, one other person, decides they want to leave the jungle...Daniel decides he just wants to leave and go home. Seriously!? Five days left, and he wants to leave? Think about the charity, man! It's only five days!

But since he leave, one person is able to come back. And its between Janice and Holly, who were voted off last week. They both really wanted to be here, when Daniel was obviously thinking about leaving. How is that fair? Well, Janice and Holly get to plead their case on why they should come back and the cast gets to vote. Of course, they vote Holly. She deserved to be there more than Janice. Holly was a freakin' beast at this game, and Janice was just lazy.

And of course, Sanjaya was ecstatic for Holly to be back. He was so depressed when she had to leave, he was just not himself. They are so cute! A great friendship that they now have!

But that didn't last long, when she was voted to go into the challenge that will determine whether her or John would leave the jungle for good. She put up a good fight, though. It was a close call, but John ending up pulling through first.

And tomorrow, two more people will be going home, leaving it down to three, vying for the title of king or queen of the jungle.

Who do you think it will be?

Sunday, June 21, 2009

TV News Break: A Doctor Leaves Greys

It has been confirmed by many sources that T.R. Knight will not be returning to "Grey's Anatomy" this fall. Its been reported that Knight has been clashing with creator, Shonda Rhimes, ever since the whole deal with Isaiah Washington. And the final straw for Knight was the lack of story lines that his character was given. All though this speculation about Knight leaving the show, has been all over the news for some time now, Rhimes only recently made her decision.

I'm pretty upset about this whole ordeal. I love "Grey's Anatomy," and George O'Malley was one of my favorite characters. I know the show will go on without him, considering he was barely there toward the end of the past season, its just going to be so weird, and not the same, without him completely.

On another note, it has also been confirmed that Katherine Heigl will be returning this fall for the 6th season of "Grey's Anatomy." It has also been speculated that she also wanted to leave the show. But there has been news that she has re-signed her contract.

Izzy is another favorite character of mine so at least we wont lose both characters.

Go to Grey's Anatomy Insider for more info.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Only One Week Left in the Jungle

Well, its been three weeks since these celebs have been in the jungle and there is only one week left. Next week they will fight to be crowned king, or queen, of the jungle.

Tonight, on "I'm A Celebrity," the stakes have been upped and there are no longer any teams. Everyone is vying against one another, not only for the prize, but for food as well. For the food challenge everyone had to go against one another to find one of three stars in a ball pit of mud. And of course they were not alone. Of course, in Janice fashion, she forfeits the challenge because she can't take it...even though the alligators mouths are rubber banded shut. I guess she didn't want that prize, of pizza, bad enough. Who won? Sanjaya, of course managed to get a star, along with Lou, and I can't honestly remember the other person. But really, it doesn't matter.

Also, tonight, was elimination night, and not only one person, but two were going home. And who were these two people? Well, Holly was the first of two to leave the jungle, which really shocked me. She has been really good since she has been there, but I guess since America is voting its more of a popularity contest. Who was the second person so go home?

Thank God, it was Janice. Now I understand why America would not want to keep her around. Next week, we wont have to deal with her crap. No more lazy, annoying, disgusting, Janice =)

Its getting down to the wire...Who do you think will win?

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

New York Becomes a Clown

This week on "New York Goes to Work," America chose a clown for New York's next job.

At first, New York, wasn't really feeling the whole clown thing, and well, who can blame her? But she sucked it up and was transformed into a clown. She learned how to make balloon animals and to juggle. She actually did really well, so she got a passing grade for her clown training.

The real test was the party that they were throwing for a bunch of children. New York was the host. She was doing so well, with all the face painting, until she "manhandled" a cocky child and ripped him out of the chair. Well, that kid had it coming...he was a huge brat!

She also did well in the show that the clowns put on for the children. New York did a pretty good job.

But even though she did a good job being a clown, she didn't get her money. All because she "manhandled a child." I really don't even consider that manhandling, but alright. It's not like she hit anyone or cursed in front of the children...

And New York was really pissed about not getting her money. I guess, I would be to!

Brooke Dates a Women

This week on "Brooke Knows Best," her roomate, Glen, convinces her to go on a date with a female. Now why would he do that?

Well, Glen, who is gay, has been having trouble with guys so Brooke thinks, that maybe, he still has a little straight left in him. Glen says he doesn't, he has dating girls and guys, and he frankly, prefers dudes. He will however, go on a date with a woman, as long as Brooke, and thier other roomate, Ashley, go on dates with women as well. So they all agree. And going on a date, also includes get a good night kiss in the end.

Glen sets up Ashley with a very pretty, lipstick lesbian, and Brooke is set up with a butch lesbian. But they all hit it off and get along right of the bat.

Brooke's date is also very sweet to her. But while they are at dinner, the waiter keeps calling her a him. And he does it a few times before Brooke says something to him. Seriously!? You can't tell that "he" has boobs?

Ashley and her date are having a great time, until this guy comes up to them and doesn't want to leave, until her date gets up and says something. He obviously didn't see that they were clearly on a date. Honestly, he probably saw the cameras, and thought that he could get a few seconds of fame.

Even Glen's date went pretty well and even though, he kissed the girl, he was just not feeling it. Ashley and Brooke also got kissed by chicks. But they all came to the conclusion that they all like men.

Well I'm glad you all know that!

Time is Winding Down in the Jungle

Since I have two episodes to discuss for "I'm A Celebrity," this will be a bullet-point post.

Soo...Here it is...

  • With John being the new camp leader, he has really cracked the whip on the rest of the camp mates. He has very strict rules and it's basically his way or the highway. For example: No one is allowed to touch food without washing thier hands, and if they don't they don't eat. It's great your making them wash thier hands first but thats just a little harsh. When he was chosen as the new leader, I figured he would be a gread camp leader, but now I just think he is a little bit too bossy.
  • Lou was the winner and the immunity challenge so he has immunity and has a spot in the last week. I think he totally deserves it.
  • As camp leader, John, was able to pick another person to be immune from the vote off, who had a spot for the last week. He could pick another person...or himself and he immideatly picked himself. Well, of course, he picked himself... I'm sure everyone there wants a spot in the last week. But according to Janice, it was a selfish move, and if it were her, she would of picked someone else. I'm sure you would have Janice!
  • Speaking of Janice, she demanded she take part in the lastest food trial. What are you trying to prove Janice? At least the challenge was something she could help partake in and something that she wasn't going to quit at. Unfoutunatly, the women lost anyway. And when they did lose Janice blamed it on the boys being stronger and the challenge being unmatched. That made the other women mad, who didn't want her to partake in the challege anyway, since she just got out of the hospital.
  • Tomorrow we'll find out who the two camp members are that goes home. I wonder who they will be...

Oh and another thing!....

  • Sanjaya isn't gay! Can you believe it? I can't. I thought for sure he was but according to him, he's not. He is very much attracted to women. Alright...whatever you say, Sanjaya.

Charm School Ladies are Starting to Get Along

This week, the girls of "Charm School," seem to be getting along much better than they have in the past. There hasn't been much fighting lately with these girls, so it seems like that are really starting to change.

This week a life coach was brought in to discuss with the girls, what they want to do with thier lives and how they will get there. Bubbles had a lot of goals she wanted to get accomplished. On that list was becoming a behavioral psychologist and a cartoon voice. Uhm...ok then, Bubbles. Do whatever your little heart desires!

For the challenge the girls had to put together a swing set for under-prividged children. They were broken up into two groups and the group who built it the fastest was free from going to detention and free from ellimination. Marcia and Bubbles were picked for the team captains. While Bubbles's team had a rough start at first, they managed to do pretty well. Marcia on the other hand decided to tear out the pages in the instruction book and pass them out so each person had a different thing to do. That wasn't a very good idea, because everything had to be done in order. Niether team ended up winning because niether was finished by the time night hit. And even though Bubbles' team clearly did better, with the swing set and working together, they couldn't win because they put a beam in the wrong place. Well at least it was still bolted down. They should have won, in my opinion, but I guess they still didn't finish. Therefor everyone was sent to detention.

That night Ricky decided she wanted to have dinner with all the girls, as a way to get to know them a little better. She asked all the girls who they wanted to win, and they couldn't pick theirselves. Two voted for K.O. because they thought she has come a long way considering how bad she had it growing up. Ashley and Brittanya voted for each other. They only reason they did that was because they best friends and no one else really likes either of them.

After dinner all the girls got together to have some drinks. It was nice seeing all the girls get along with each other. I think that was the first time where everyone in the house has hung out together. Everyone in the house was drinking and having a good time. Everyone but Marcia, who took the vow to stop drinking. But K.O. thought it would be funny to offer her cranberry juice, which had vodka in it. Seriously!? Clearly this girl is an alcoholic and your going to joke around and offer her alcohol. What if she would have took it? She could have gotten illiminated for that. And then K.O was complaining about heart problems so she went to the hospital. Everyone thought she was lying and doing it for attention. To say she was or not...who can say.

So when it came time for detention...everybody, except for Bubbles and K.O herself, voted for K.O to go down to the floor. Thats shocking considering the day before there were people saying she should win. Ricky was torn with a decision, because she didn't want to let anybody go, so she took it apon Bay Bay Bay to make it for her because right before illimination Bay Bay Bay told Ricky that if she felt there were other people that she thought should say longer she could illiminated Bay Bay Bay. That was very selfless of her to do that. I think Bay Bay Bay has come a long way since the beginning of the show and that goes to show she didn't care about the money but cared about changing into a better person.

Bay Bay Bay decided that she would sacrifice her position and return her pin back to Ricky. Everyone was shocked and saddened. But K.O. couldn't let her do that so she told Bay Bay Bay to take her pin instead. Does she take it?

I guess we'll have to wait until next week to find out.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Week Three in the Jungle

I missed Thursday's episode of "I'm A Celebrity," but I think its safe to say that I didn't miss much. The only thing I really missed was the elimination ceremony where Janice was not the one to go home, which really upset me. I don't know why anyone would want to keep her there. It's not like she is that entertaining. I think she's just annoying. And in this episode she was not any less annoying.

Of course she can't go a day without complaining and this time she was complaing about the food. Maybe, she should have volunteered to do the cooking if she was just going to complain about it. But of course this is Janice we are talking about. She even complained when Sanjaya was making chips for his fellow cast members but Janice thought he was going too slow. But, of course, she took it back once she found out how delicious the chips were.

She also had to be sent the hospital because her "sickness" took a turn for the worst. But after being gone for a night, she came back suddenly refreshed and excited to spend another day in the jungle.

But it was Daniel Baldwin that went home. And honestly, I really could care less. He wasn't on there from the start and when he did come into the jungle I really don't think he did anything for the show. But did think it was really rude of Janice to cheer when he left. But then again, who said she wasn't rude?

In this episode there were two different challenged that were held. One was the luxury challenge where everyone had to pick two people from each team to compete for a chance at getting a massage. I was very surprised when Janice did not volunteer herself but instead asked someone else if she wanted to. The two girl that ended up doing it were Torrie and Patti and the two guys that were chosen were John and Lou. The object was for one team member to turn a crank while the other stood on a plank. The cranks made the opposite team member's crank get shorter and shorter until one fell in the murky water. I'm not surprised that the girls won because Torrie was a freaking wrestler for crying out loud. I mean Lou looks like a pretty strong guy, but he couldn't match Torrie.

The second challenge was the food challenge where America chose who they wanted to compete for food. They, of course, chose Sanjaya to compete for the guys and Torrie was picked for the girls. Again, I was shocked Janice didn't win. This food challenge was called "the tunnel of terror" and each person had to race through this tunnel and get as many stars as they could, and of course they weren't alone when they did it. Sanjaya, of course, won, because he managed to get one more star than Torrie.

It was also time to pick a new leader, and since Lou had been the leader two weeks in a row, he could no longer be the leader and a new one had to be chosen. John was finally picked to be the new leader, and I know that he will be a great one!

This week's live immunity ceremony was postponed a little because of a storm that was going on in the jungle, so we have to wait until tomorrow to find out what happens...

Kendra Meets the In-laws

On last night's episode of "Kendra," Kendra and Hank take a trip to Florida to play in a charity basketball game. Not only is Hank a great football player but he's also good at basketball too! And since Kendra is good at every sport she plays she wanted to join in on the fun. She sat on the bench most of the game, but when it was time for her to go out on the floor and show everybody what she's all about, that's exactly what she did. She made a three pointer right above Hank's head! Go Kendra! Her team ended up losing, but it didn't matter to her, because she felt like a winner after that shot...and I don't blame it. It was all in fun anyway, since after all, it was for charity.

After, the duo took a trip to New Mexico where they embarked on a road trip to visit Hank's parents and pick up his car so they could drive it back to LA. On the way Hank wanted to stop at a farm so Kendra could really know what it was like to grow up outside of the big city. She even got the chance to milk a cow! Not only that but she got to try the milk right after it came out. To her surprise, it turned out to be pretty tasty. Before they left they got to see a cute little baby cow that was born that very same day. Seeing Kendra feed the baby cow a bottle and act a bit motherly toward it made me think, she could very well be a good mother. But then again, that's just a baby cow. The baby cow was just way too cute!

Their next stop was the in-laws. And thank goodness, they all got along really well, right off the bat. Hank comes from a very conservative home, so I was a little nervous about how his parents would take to Kendra. But they loved her and weren't judgmental toward her at all. They even liked the fact that she brought her newly released 'Playboy', which she specially autographed for them. They just wont open it up to see what's inside, which is probably a good thing.

Next week will be the ultimate test of Kendra and Hank's relationship. They will be road tripping it all the way from New Mexico to California. We'll see how they survive that long trip together.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Janice Needs to Go!

Since Speidi has left the jungle "I'm A Celebrity" has just kind of gotten on my nerves. Wait, I'll re-phrase that...Janice Dickinson has been getting on my nerves. She is lazy, disgusting, selfish loud, annoying, and not classy...AT ALL.

She doesn't do anything around the camp and expects everyone else to cater to her needs. All she does is sit on her cot and do her making and pluck her eyebrows. Seriously!? First of all, she needs to stop plucking those eyebrows because she's barely got any left, and second...who needs makeup on when your in the middle of the jungle!? It's just going to sweat off. And its not like she needs it anyway, its not going to make her any more prettier. It's not going to make her bad plastic surgery face look any better. She barely participates in any of the challenges because of her "broncitis," and when the challenges she has done she has either givin up, or not really done any work. She says she wants to participate but she is just "so sick." Yeah, right! She hacks up a loogie every five seconds and its really gross. She's so lazy, instead of going out in to the woods do go to the bathroom, she desides to just sqawt right next to her cot and then wipe herself on the sheet of her cot. Then she plays it off like no one is going to find out. Seriously!? There are cameras on 24/7 with night vision so of course people are going to find out. Thats why the producers had to send a note saying not to pee near the campsite because it attracts snakes. Its really sad when they have to send you a note like that. That should just be common sence, not to pee in your campsite. Another lie from Janice? Since the women won a challege they get granola bars as thier prize. Janice goes into the woods where the confessional is, where the granola bars are, and decides to eat one. When Torrie asks who ate one of them, since they were four, she didn't fess up to what she did and then expected to still get one! Seriously!? Again, there are cameras everywhere with night vision so they are going to find out it was you. Thats no the only selfish thing she has done. Since the women also won the food challenge she decides she wants her portion of the hot dogs and chips that she was rightfully entitled too...and then she wants some of the other food that the losers are eating. Seriously!? Who knew that she ate so much? And she is just so un classy. Hacking up loogies and peeing near your cot and wiping yourself on your sheet is not classy Janice! I really hope she is the one that gets voted off this week. She needs to go. Who wants to watch someone so annoying. At least Spencer and Heidi were entertaining and funny, Janice is just annoying.

Holly Montag has also joined the cast of "I'm A Celebrity." Seriously!? They call her a "reality tv star." Seriously!? How is she considered a reality tv star when she was not even on "The Hills" that much. She never even had any storylines. Whatever! And she really took to Janice as soon as she got there. Honey, Janice will only cause drama in your life. You don't want to be associated with her, she will only stab you in the back. She is not as cool as you think. The rest of the cast try to tell her that but she doesn't listen. Take it from John, who used to be her friend in the beginning, there is a reason why they aren't anymore. I don't even think Sanyaya is liking her at this point.

And what about Patti? I feel like the only reason that she is on this show is so people will feel sorry for her and her husband. She talks about him every single episode about how horrible thier life is. I don't even know who the heck she is...or her husband...and she is considered a "celebrity?" I just feel like she isn't on there to win money for charity because it seems like she could use the money herself. It just seems like she is on this show so people get a better view of her husband.

For the next episode Lou, since he is the leader, gets to call home to a loved one. And I have to say he totally deserves it. He also got to choose two other people and he picked Daniel, because he has an 8 month pregnant wife, who deserves it too, and Patti...oh Patti...

Anyway, who do you want to be voted off this week?

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

For Once These Girls Are Being Real

In the latest episode of "Charm School," it seems like these girls are finally taking charm school seriously and are actually making a change. This week was all about facing their fears and each of the girls had to stand up in front of the others and say what they are afraid of. It was the most real thing they have done and it was very heartfelt and sad. I will admit, I did cry a little. And it made the bullys of the group realize why their targets are they way that they are. The only ones that really didn't talk about their fears were Risky and Natashia. Ashley and Brittanya were afraid of not giving the best for there sons...which is understandable, Bubbles was molested when she was younger which really explains the way he is, Marcia vowed to stop drinking during her time and if she did she would leave...we'll see, and Bay Bay Bay has a stalker...she is loud an annoying but I feel bad for her

For the challenge the girls were taken to an abandoned hospital where they had to face their fears and make it safer. They were broken in to two groups and they had tasks they had to do and if they completed the tasks they would earn money for charity. Natashia was really the only one that bashed on some of the other girls. She yelled at Bubbles for jumping during their task...I would jump too for crying out loud! She had to rescue Ashley because she got lost and was mad they lost because of it...it was dark and she was alone so I would have gotten lost too. Natashia is just really annoying with that deep manly voice of hers.
The pink group ended up winning, which included Risky, Brittanya, Bay Bay Bay, and Marcia. The other four were sent to detention and Ashley, Bubbles, and Natashia were sent to the carpet. I don't think Bubbles should go home yet, she is learning to stick up for herself and she could benifit from more time at charm school. Ashley has been on the carpet 4 times but I think she is making an honest effort to change despite what others, including Ricky, think. Natashia even said herself she doesn't care about charm school, so therefor she should not win the money, therefor she should really leave. She's annoying and just there to make drama. And thank goodness, Natashia is the one to be expelled and Ricky did not make the wrong choice.

Top 5 Documentaries

I have recently gotten into watching documentary shows on television, mostly on A&E since that channel is mainly documentaries. This week ill name my top 5.

These won't be in any particular order since I just began to get into these shows.


I am a psych major so anything that has to do with that really interests me. Psychology is a pretty broad job so it also includes alcohol and drug problems, eating disorders, anything that would require an intervention, basically. I never watched it before until my group was doing a presentation on the elderly and drugs for out drug awareness class. One of my group members suggested showing a couple clips from intervention. I really like it because it showcased some things I could potentionally be working with in my career.


This is a show that documents patients that suffer from anxiety disorders, mainly obsessive compulsove disorder. OCD is a serious mental disorder so it will definatly be something I encounter in my career and that is why I wanted to start watching this show. I liked it not only for that fact bit because it showcases something very real and serious. Something that some people don't take very seriously. But it is something very serious and that's what this show tries to explain. It also goes through the treatment process for this disorder, which is not an easy process.


This is a spin off of "True Hollywood Story," where they investigate all kinds of serious issues. They have showcased teenage pregnancies gone wrong, serial killers, wives who kill their husbands, etc. Its just a really fascinating show to watch.


I also enjoy watching crime documentaries because some of these crimes are so shocking and a lot of these criminals are really messed up in the head and have something mentally wrong with them. This show documents crims while they use new aged technology to help them solve these crimes.


This is another crime documentary where they show these detectives trying to solve cases in the first 48 hours. I really enjoy watching this show.

So there you have 5 documentary shows that I enjoy watching. What are some that you like to watch?

Denise Richards is Baaaack

Yes, that's right! Denise Richards is back for season two of her E! show "Its Complicated," which airs on Sundays right after "Kendra."

I actually feel really bad for Denise. She is always hounded by the paparatzzi and everytime she does an interview they always have to ask her about her personal life. Can't you just leave her alone!? But sadly, the answer is 'no' just like it is for every other celebrity in the limelight. And it is really sad.

As this season starts its right before New Years, and Denise has decided to make a fresh start and move into a new house. Good for you, Denise! You deserve a fresh start! But her spirits of getting a fresh start are crushed when her and her gal pal go out to a club one night to have some much needed girl time. She goes out to hae a good time with her girlfriend and gets hounded by all these guys trying to talk to her. As soon as she walks to the bar...a guy quickly introduces himself. Denise, however acts nicely toward the guy, even though she is clearly irritated. Then the two of them go go sit down to enjoy their drinks and another guy comes over. The first thing he says is something about how he loves her movies...yeah, dude...that's what they all say. She and her friend try to brush him off but he just doesn't want to go away so she asks the camera guy to help her out. The dude just wants to struggle to get her attention. If he wouldn't have said "your on my list and I had to come say 'hi.' And what list is this? The list of people that if he saw them he would go up to them and say 'hi.' Seriously!? Dude! What a freaking lame!

But she let's it all go as she heads to Vegas to co host the opening of a new club for New Years. Although its not all stress free times. First, her good friend tells her that her dress is not right for New Years so she makes her go buy a new one, just a couple hours before she needs to start getting ready. Then she goes to say goodbye to her dad and here he is playing blackjack while this random lady is flirting with him. I think Denise had every right to be overprotected. This lady was just trying way too hard. She probably saw the camera and reconized her dad and thought she would say 'hello.' And she looked really familer, like I saw her in an episode of "The Girls Next Door," as a 70's playmate. Denise had also not heard from her girls all day, as they were staying with their father. I know I would be a little worried and stressed out about that.

But Denise got through it all and ended up having a pretty good New Years. Good for her!

Monday, June 8, 2009

New Season of Brooke Knows Best

Last night was the season two premier of the VH1 show, "Brooke Knows Best" I missed it because "Kendra" was on at the same time, and well, Kendra trumps Brooke in my book :P But I did catch a rerun of it tonight.

In this episode of "Brooke Knows Best" Brooke takes a trip home to meet her father's new girlfriend. Hulk and Linda are still going through their divorce but they both have found new loves. Linda just so happens to be dating a guy that is the same age as Nick, Brooke's brother. Seriously!? How awkward do you think that is for Brooke..and Nick?

Hulk Hogan's new girlfriend is also younger than him, but at least she is not a teenager. And Brooke meets her with open arms and they get along great. The only weird thing about this is that she looks just like Brooke...well Brooke is a little bit prettier. I just find it strange that Linda is now dating a guy that is like a mini Hulk and Hulk is dating someone that looks like Brooke and Linda. And they all have that white blonde hair....

I don't blame Brooke for being angry at her mother. If my mother dating someone that was the same age as my younger brother I would be upset too. Linda is acting like a teenager and it's just not cool...at all. And Linda wonders why Brooke is upset with her!

It was just really sad too see how much this family has been torn apart. They were such a close knit family and now...the parents are going through a divorce, Hulk can't go near Linda without her calling the cops, a daughter who used to be so close to her mother now has barely talked to her in months, and Nick is back in LA trying to get a fresh start since out of jail. It's just really really sad.

I just hope one day Hulk and Linda can get along with each other and that one day she will realize how much she has hurt her kids for dating a teenager and not acting her age.

New York Plays with Doggies

This week on "New York Goes to Work" America chose for New York to be a doggie day care worker and for once, she seemed pretty excited to do her job. All the other jobs she had to do, she wasn't too excited about any of them.

Her first job as a doggie day care worker, New York had to clean the dog kennels. And that includes cleaning up the dog crap. At first, I didn't think that she would do it, because I know how she was on previous jobs where she had to clean up animal poo. But this time around she cleaned it up. There was some gagging, but who could blame her? I couldn't do it so I give her props. And she did a great job doing the rest of the cleaning that was needed.

Her next task for the day was exercising the dogs. That meant she had to run around the yard while the dogs chased her so they could get exercise. I really don't understand the idea of giving the dogs exercise, because they already play alot and run around with each other, so do you really need to run around and have them chase you? Again, I didn't think she would do a very good job, but after a little hesitation she got the job done. One of the workers gave her the idea of turning on the hose and letting the dogs jump in the doggie pool while they chased the water on the hose. New York thought it was really cute so she actually enjoyed herself for once.

Her final tast for this job was washing a couple of the dogs. The first dog she washed I think she did a pretty good job. Then it came time for her to wash another dog and she was not feeling it at all. New York and the dog. The worker lady said the dog wasn't having it because of New York's attitude. Seriously!? Maybe the dog just didn't want a bath. New York was getting fed up with her job because she was tired so she walked off for a second and pretty much threw a fit. That caused her to get an X for that task when she got checkmarks on the other ones.

But passing two of the three tasks for the day helped her earn her $10,000. I think all and all she did a pretty good job and derserved it.

Next week the three choices for New York are...

junk removal worker, clown, or matchmaker

Which one do you think will get picked?

Exercise and Cleansing OCD

Usually being clean is a good thing...until you start doing rituals in the shower after making a bowel movement. This is the challenge that Nidia faces everyday. She is afraid of making bowel movements so she steers clear of foods that will make her do so. When she does make bowel movements she has to get in the bath tub to clean herself and it lasts from one hour to three. It takes so long because she has to clean her inside with an enema and a toothbrush because she can't reach that far in. A couple times she has scraped so hard she started bleeding and needed a blood transfusion because she lost so much blood. Not only that, but she washes her hands 100+ times a day. Her relationship with her husband is very strained but he loves her so he stands by her side.

Mat on the other hand exercises several times a day, usually for only a few minutes at a time, because he is so afraid of not being healthy. he exercises for a few minutes before work, he keeps a weight bench next to his desk and takes breaks to exercise, and he exercises several times after work, going to different gyms. He also takes around 40 pills a day since he has so much anxiety about not being healthy. He also runs where ever he goes and always takes the stairs, while occasionally turning, and to the right everytime.

As a psych major, I know that obsessive compulsive disorder is way more serious than most people think and their are many different types of OCD. I just never imagined some of the rituals and things people do because of thier anxiety about things. And these are things that are normal cases of OCD. And it's just crazy to see these things happening to people. And these are things I'll have to excounter every day in my job.

To help Nidia and Mat get over thier fears and anxiety the doctors used Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Nidia had to do things, like go out in nature, where there is dirt, and have a picnick, which intaled her to each foods with lots of fiber, so that she will have to get over her anxiety of having bowel movements. The big experince she had to endevor was making the bowel movement and only taking a 10 minute shower. After 12 weeks her anxiety was lifted and she no longer had fear. She could also go out in nature and do things with her husband without being scared of the dirt.

However, it took Mat a little big longer to get over his fear and his progress at the 6 week mark was not as good as it should have been. However, he got down to two workouts a day and his experience was to go to the gym and not be tempted to work out. It took him awhile, but he was able to get over his fear.

I love watching this show because it shows something real. Many people suffer from this disorder and many people don't realize how serious it is.

Speidi is Back...Again!

Last week on "I'm A Celebrity," Heidi and Spencer threatened to leave...twice...and then they did leave...for good. Nope, not for good, because they came back and begged for the rest of the cast to let them rejoin them. But it wasn't going to be easy. They had to spend the night in what they call the "lost chamber," which was infested with all kinds of things. They had to stay overnight in the lost chamber while the cast voted on if they wanted Speidi back. Come morning, the crazy duo was allowed back at camp.

This is where the week starts...

The cast allows Spencer and Heidi to return to the campsite...and well...they definitely seemed like changed people. Well, mostly Spencer. He acted like the newborn Christian he said that he was. Whether it was an act or for real...who knows.

So, Speidi is back, but another cast member leave the jungle for good. Francis just couldn't take it without her best friend, Francis by her side, so she decides it's time for her to leave. Honestly, I think she could have stuck it out a little bit longer, considering this was all for charity. She didn't agree with the fact that Spencer and Heidi left because they could no longer take life in the jungle, and then she leaves because she can't take it without her partner in crime. Remember people, this is for charity.

Spencer and Heidi are back, and Francis has left. It's now time for the cast to find out who America voted in for the food challenge.... America chose Sanjaya and Janice to participate in the challenge that determined who won food for their teams. Honestly, I'm not shocked at all.

For the challange they were each locked in box with a chain wrapped around them with six locks they had to unlock. The keys were at the bottom of the box, but the box quickly would fill up with water. And they wouldn't be alone. There were also snakes, baby alligators, frogs, etc that would soon join them in the box. Sanjaya unlocked himself in three minutes and twelve seconds. I thought he did a pretty good job. I think he has been one of the best to adjust to life in the jungle, but Janice on the other hand, has not. She is lazy, annoying, and she is a diva. And it comes to no surprise to us...she forfits herself from the challenge after she freaks out about the snakes and baby alligators.

So the guys win the food challenge...again. At this point, the women have won none of the food challeges. Also, Spencer and Heidi have been back at camp for about a day and they are not staying for long. But it's not because they want to quit, its because Heidi starts to get sick. She is throwing up several times a day and she has severe stomach pains. They finally call it quits...again...and head off to get medical attention. Heidi is sent to the hospital where she gets an IV so she can get hydrated. Since she has been back at the campsite, her and Spencer have been on a fast, and they have not been drinking as much water as they should. So Heidi gets an IV and the doctor runs some tests. Turns out she has a stomach ulcer and they will not be returning to the jungle. This time it is for real. They will not be back. Well, at least now, the craziness of whether or not they are leaving and them leaving and coming back...is finally over. Although, I feel really bad for Heidi. A stomach ulcer is something nobody wants to get.

Back in the jungle, its time for the men to get thier food, which is lobster and bananas. Although, its not what they expected. For breaking the rules and giving the women some of thier food, they get punished by getting smaller portions. Seriously!? They won the food and if they want to share it, they should be allowed. Who really cares!?

Today was also the live immunity ceremony. The team is now down four people, three if you consider that they brought on an extra cast member. This cememony will determine who will have immunity from the next ellimination. But of course, they don't show much. Actually, they don't show much of anything. In tonight's ceremony, each person had to hang on to these bars, which was over a swamp, and whoever held on the longest one. They all would fall into the swamp after they let go...except for John, who's legs already touched the swamp. Each person except Janice...of course. "Doctor's orders" said she can't participate. What doctors!? And what does her "sickness" have anything to do with hanging on some bars for a given amount of time. The only sickness Janice Dickenson has is in her head. She is a diva and she's nuts.

The next episode will not be tomorrow, but Wednesday, and of course, they bring on another cast member...And it someone very clost to Spencer and Heidi. It's Heidi's sister Holly. Pease, tell me why she is being considered a celebrity. The Pratts are more of celebrities than Holly for the simple fact, they are regulars on "The Hills." Holly has only been in a few episodes. Even if you don't watch "The Hills" you would still know who Speidi is for the simple fact they are always on the cover of tabloids and what not. Where do you see Holly!? Nowhere! Seriously!? NBC!

Whatever, I guess we'll have to wait til Wednesday to see how it all unfolds...and who gets immunity from the next illimination.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

I ♥ Kendra

Tonight was the series premier of E!'s new show "Kendra." It follows Kendra Wilkinson, former girlfriend of Hugh Hefner, from her role on "The Girls Next Door, as she conquers the world on her own. She went to the mansion at age 18 and was there for five years. Therefor, she has always had someone else take care of her, and she has never really been on her own. It is now time for her to make it on her own and experience life as she should. She has also met a wonderful guy, Hank Baskett, who plays football for the Eagles, and they are engaged to be married. And I have to say...that rock on her finger is gorgeous! I think its great that she met someone and she now wants to experience life on her own. She gets to experience cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping, chores...all of it. I loved Kendra on "The Girls Next Door" and I was super excited to find out she was getting her own show. Kendra is my favorite out of the three and I think she is so funny. I knew her new show would be hilarious, just like she is, and I was definatly right.

Tonight's episode was an hour long with limited commercials. It started out with Kendra moving into her beautiful new house, her "mini mansion" as she would call it. And of course, most of her stuff is still in boxes and her clothes are all over the floor in piles. I like Kendra because I feel like we have a lot in common. One of those things is messines. We are both messy people. If you went in my room right now, you would see a pile of clean clothes on the floor, along with a separate pile of dirty clothes. Just like you would see in Kendra's room. She has no furniture, because she hasn't gone out to get any, yet, and she has no food, because she needed to go grocery shopping.

But her friend, Brittany, comes over and helps her go shopping for food, to fill up her cuboards and fridge. And in a Kendra fashion, when she gets to the grocery store, she grabs one of those scooter carts. Too funny! Sounds like something Kendra would do...go to a grocery store and ride on one of the scooter carts.

But she gets her groceries, including the Rice a' Roni, spends $400 dollars and heads back to her house. She starts unpacking her food, and what happens....she drops the entire dozen of eggs on the floor. I really laughed out loud at this part. It was just too funny!

So she now has food, but still no furniture. But she does have a stripper pole! I acutally want a stripper pole. Not to strip, but because it could be a really good work out. For a person that hates working out, I need something that is going to be fun and help me get in shape at the same time. But what does she do about stuff for the house? Have a house warming party of course! What a great idea! Thanks, Kendra's mom, Patti =) And from the looks of it, the party was pretty successful. Of course, Kendra got really drunk, but do ya blame her? If I were having my first house party, in the most amazing house ever, I would party my ass off too :P And it was so cute watching her get all emotional when Hef showed up, with his new girlfriend, Crystal. She was not expecting him, and probably neither were the rest of us, but there he was, all dressed up, there to support her. I thought it was really sweet that he was there. She was one of his girlfriends for five years, and he helped her grow into the woman she is today. They both still care about each other very much and they are such good friends. Even Bridget was there! I was really excited to see her because I love all the girls and its so great when they are all together. I was sad though, that Holly wasn't there. I'm sure she was pretty busy, though, because I know her and Kendra are still great friends. Mary was also there. I love Mary, she's so funny, and she tells it like it is! And what's a house party without...a keg?

Sadly, Hank, was not at the party, but it wasn't long until we saw him. Soon after Kendra picked him up at the airport to bring him to her new pad. I guess, according to Kendra, Hank is a very clean person. I guess he has another thing coming to him :P But I guess she needs somone in her life to keep her in line. Hank seems like such a sweet guy and he seems to really be so in love with her...and he's got some jokes. I'm so glad Kendra has found someone, and has fallen in love. They seem so happy together. I'm such a romantic so I love seeing other people that are in love, just like I am with my boyfriend. Watching her plan her wedding really makes me want to start planning mine, even though I'm not engaged, yet. Who am I kidding...I've been looking on The Knot at different things for my wedding...for when that happens of course.

Speaking of planning weddings...We see Kendra start to plan hers. And what is planning a wedding without trying on dresses? She started trying on dresses, and I have to say...she looked so pretty in everything she tried on. I know whatever dress she picks she will look beautiful.

Kendra also takes Hank to meet Hef, because Hef invited the two of them out to the mansion for dinner. Hef just seems like such a sweet guy. He really cares about Kendra and he only wants whats best for her, and he just wants her to be happy. He's glad she has found someone and he really approves of Hank. And Hank seems fond of Hef, too. He knows how much Hef means to Kendra and that they are still such good friends. Hef is such a great guy, he invited Kendra and Hank to have thier wedding at the mansion. And since Hank knows how much the mansion, and everyone there, means to her he was happy to say yes, and Kendra was really happy about it. The mansion was her home for 5 years and she grew up a little there. Why now have her wedding there?

I'm so excited for this upcoming season. I think it's going to be great. I'll leave you with something I would like to call....The Kendra Quote of the Week...

"I love Rice a' Roni. I did not know it was Mexican food."

Oh, Kendra..This is why we love you =)

Thursday, June 4, 2009

The First Person Leaves the Jungle

Last night during "I'm A Celebrity" the cast was asked if they wanted Spencer and Heidi to come back into the jungle. And the decision wasn't easy...so what did the remaining cast vote?

We have to wait until Monday to find out. MONDAY! Good grief, I want to know now!

Without Heidi and Spencer life in the jungle is a little dull. At least thats what I think. The show really isn't as entertaining without them. Even with Janice Dickenson. Janice is pretty crazy but not as crazy as Spencer Pratt.

Janice is so crazy she has been stealing people's belongings. She's taken Angela's comb and John's pillow. What else does she plan on taking??

For the food challenge the teams had to pick two guys and two girls to compete in the challenge. They picked Torrie and Patti to compete for the girls and John and Stephan to compete for the guys. The guy's win...no surprise there! They win for the fourth time in a row.

It then comes time for the elimination ceremony and it's down to Angela and Torrie. And who is the first person to leave the Costa Rican jungle???


So sad. But she said it herself, she would go home if Speidi came back she would leave. So maybe they will come back. I hope so!

Also next week...the public gets to vote on one man and one women to go into the next food trial.

Who do you want it to be?

The Lost Profiles- Kate

I start this new thing on my blog and now I'm slacking on it! I feel really bad because I said I was going to start doing something, and I do it once, and then forget about it. But I apologize, and I will try much harder from now on.

This was suppose to be on Wednesday's since Lost is on Wednesday's but sadly, I forgot yesterday, and I was busy last week, so that's why I forgot last week. So it's like a week and a day late, or something like that, but here is this week's (even though it was suppose to be like last week's) Lost Profile =)

This Week: Kate

Name: Katherine Austen

Played By: Evangeline Lilly

Age: 30

From: Sioux City, Iowa

Profession: Unemployed

Relationship Status: Single

Children: Biologically, none, but she cares for Claire's son, Aaron as if it were her own

Why she was in Australia: She was on the run from the police but eventually was caught

People she came into contact with before the crash: None

Other people she is connected to from flight 815: None

Life after the island: She goes to trial for the murder of her step-father and is later released on ten years probation. Her and Jack start a relationship and get engaged. She also takes care Aaron, Claire's son. Her and Jack do not end up getting married and they break up. After Jack informs her, that they need to go back to the island she gets really upset and refuses, but then changes her mind after she almost looses Aaron in the grocery store. She then gives Aaron to Claire's mother and decides to go back to the island.

*Most of my information comes from Wikipedia, so if I missed something, please let me know*

Next Week: Sawyer

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Going Down the Tattoo Highway

Last Wednesday night a show debuted on A&E called "Tattoo Highway" A tattoo artist, named Thomas Pendelton decides to take his tattoo parlor on the road, with his wife and staff, so he converts a tour bus into a tattoo parlor, with the outside of the bus displaying some of his artwork. Unfortunately, I missed it last week, due to the fact that I forgot about it because I was so busy last week. But I was excited to catch it this week, with back to back episodes. The sad thing is, is this show makes me want to get a new tattoo, and well...I just don't have the money right now.

This week a guy, with a pigtail beard, gets a note tattooed on the palm of his hand, a note that was from his mother, with white ink. Now, this is a sweet gesture, but on the palm of your hand? After his tattoo is done, a stripper surprises him, who also wants to get a new tattoo to add to the collection on her arm. This time around she gets an orchid with a skull in the middle of it. The stripper was annoying but her tattoo was kinda cute. I like orchids but I'm not all into skulls, but it was a cute idea and it turned out good.

Afterwards, the team takes a little pit stop at a local brothel where an "entertainer" and her daughter want to get matching butterfly tattoos. Then there was the porn star who takes a break from her movie to get a cross tattoo in the middle of her upper back.... I really don't even know what to say about that... not to mention, her moaning from the pain was making the whole team uncomfortable...

In the second episode, of the hour, their first stop is in Sacremento, CA, to make a stop at this girl's house so she can get a chest tattoo that she drew herself, of a grim reeper. Except Thomas had to change it up a little because the way the girl had it would not have looked right on her chest and would have looked worse as time passed. And thank goodness the girl wasn't offended and she loved it. It's a huge tattoo but it looks good on her, if you like the goth look and you like things having to do with death.

Then they made a stop in San Francisco to find a shop helper, but unfortunatly did not find anyone that fit the profile. Most of them thought the job was helping him tattoo so he had a bunch of people that tattoo'd themselves or never even had tattoos. They did, however, find a gay couple, that wanted to get matching eggplant tattoos....ummmm, ook then. But it's sweet and they want them on there arms so that when they hold hands they touch. Awww! And I guess Thomas is an ordained minister so not only is he going to tattoo these guys but he is going to marry them as well. Not that it will be legal in the state of California, though. So they get tattoos and married all in one day. How nice =)

I've really enjoyed watching this show but it does make me want to get a new tattoo =(

Wait, Speidi's Back!?

In last night's episode of "I'm A Celebrity...Get Me Outta Here," Heidi and Spencer called it quits, for the third time. And Patti was chosen by the guys to be the female who was safe from elimination. That meant that the rest of the ladies: Janice, Francis, Angela, and Torrie, were all at risk to be eliminated.

At the start of the show Janice get's into a fight with John Salley, former NBA star. Why!? Because Janice was getting the water bucket, which was too heavy for her, and she accidentally got water in John's shoes and he threw a fit about it. Seriously!? Get over it, John. Everyone's stuff is wet and there is nothing you can do about it. Besides it was an accident. So he goes nuts and says some mean things to her and she gets really upset about it. He tries to apologize and she doesn't want to listen. He feels really bad, but she doesn't care. Seriously!? You can get over it too, Janice. He apologized, he feels bad for what he said, just get over it! I guess without Heidi and Spencer around, someone has to make drama. Right!?

Then, it comes time for the food challenge. This time everyone is involved, except for Janice, who stayed back at the camp because she was sick. For their challenge, they each had to stick their hands in this hole, of a rock wall, and find the star inside and pull it out. But it's not as easy as it sounds. The stars are either around a screw, or in water, or whatever. Plus, they each had to get past some type of creepy crawly: taranchillas, rats, stinging fish, cow poo and earthworms, etc. And boy, was it NOT easy. And for the third time in a row, the men win the challenge and win pork for thier team, while the women are eating rice and beans for the third night in a row.

So, Spencer and Heidi leave, and a secret celebrity joins the cast. Who is this secret person? It's Daniel Baldwin. Seriously!? Whatever...

But wait...Speidi isn't gone. They did NOT leave the Costa Rican jungle. They are still here and they want to be rejoined with the cast. But it's not going to be easy for them. They are not just going to be able to rejoin the rest of the cast. First they have to spend the night in the lost chamber and the other cast members have to vote if they want them back or not. Their reason for wanting to come back? According to Heidi the devil took over. According to Spencer, they had to leave to realize how selfish they were being and that they should still compete for thier charities. Ya, think!?

The show is left off with each cast member voting on whether or not the want Speidi back. So far only Jance and John agree.

Do you think they will allow Spencer and Heidi to come back to the jungle? Also tomorrow, is the elimination. Who do you think will go home?

Speidi Has Left the Jungle...For Real

Last night I missed the latest episode of "I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Outta Here," So I managed to watch it online, despite my sucky internet connection that we have here at my apartment complex.

But Monday night, the show left off, halfway through the immunity ceremony. Tonight, the show started off with the immunity ceremony and it was down to Stephan Baldwin and Sanjaya. And what do you know?? Sanjaya won immunity. Wow! I can't believe it myself.

So they get back to the camp and they find a bed. At first, Sanjaya thinks its for him. Sorry Sanjaya, the only thing you won, was immunity from the people's vote. The bed, however, if for the leader, who is currently Lou Diamond Phillips. Sucks for Sanjaya and the rest of the cast.

Then, Stephan gets to talking to Spencer and tells him that he should baptise him in the river and Spencer agrees because Heidi has been asking him to do it for awhile now. While in the confessional, Heidi talks about how the greatest things are not money and fame, but doing things for others and being a follower of God. Really!? Thats why you and Spencer are being so selfish as to keep threatening to leave instead of stay on the show and fight to win the game for your select charitys. And what does Spencer have to say about praying? He said that when he did his first prayer he asked God to pleast let him go on a double date with Miley Cyrus and it happended within a month. Seriously!? Spencer, you are such a tool.

Then, they have to vote two people, a guy and a girl, to go into the jungle, for a challenge. Janice wants to vote Sanjaya and Torrie, but Spencer is not having it. Its ultimatly the leaders choice who goes, but Spencer doesn't care because he is his own leader. He "is not about to have Sanjaya go into the jungle with his wife." Seriously!? Spencer, first of all get over yourself, second of all, who cares because Sanjaya is probably gay anyway. So, they decided to vote Spencer and Heidi to go into the jungle, and according to Spencer, he is going to beat his wife because he HAS to. Whatever, Spencer, like I said, your a tool!

The winner of the challenge got food for themselves and food for thier teams but Heidi doesn't care about the teams, because she just wants food for herself and her husband. The challenge, however, is going to be more than they bargained for. They have to go into a tank where they have to find as many stars as they can in three minutes, but there are going to be some surprises. What are these surprises? Rats, spiders, snakes, etc. Not to mention its pitch black. And its really funny hearing him squeal when nasty water or whatever it was, falls down from the ceiling. And for a second I thought he was going to forfit but he takes it back. But he manages to get two stars. Unfourtunatly, Heidi only gets one star, so it looks like the boys get the food again.

But Spencer and Heidi are out of there again. For real this time, because according to Spencer, "they are too rich and famous" for that show. Get over yourself! But before they leave Stephan Baldwin has to babtise Spencer, even though he is not an ordained minister. Spencer is not even a very good Christian. He is selfish and vain. He is quitting a show where he can win money for a charity, but he could care less. Why don't you just say and have the people vote you off instead of being a quitter. And you are not a super celebrity. This whole show is a bunch of has beens or reality stars. And Heidi is just lame, with her dry shampoo that she carries with her at all times and uses it every 5 seconds. Spencer has had everything handed to him his whole life and Heidi is blinded by the limelight of fame.

Then, its time for the live ceremony part of the show. The men are all exempt from illimination and they all have 20 seconds to come up with a woman that will also be exempt. And they choose Patti. The rest of the women are all at risk of getting eliminated by America. The four women up for elimination are Angela, Francis, Janice, and Torrie.

Who do you think will stay and who will go. Who do you want to be eliminated?

Charm School Ladies and New York

I finally saw the latest episode of "Charm School." It sucks having so shows that you want to watch on one night and they are all at the same times.

I'm actually going to do this post a little bit differently than the previous posts on this so. I want to make it a little quick and short because I have to watch last night's episode of "I'm A Celebrity." So here are my thoughts, in bullet form...

  • I think the girls did really good this week for thier challenge. They had to help little kids burn calories, and I think they all did a good job. Each team burned over 200 calories each in just 30 minutes. I thought it was hilarious when one of the boys said that he had the most fun tossing the ball with the "old lady" talking about Brittaney.
  • I feel bad for Bubbles. I know what it feels like, sometimes, to feel like your not intelligent. So for Ashley to tell her that "talking to her is like talking to a retarded child", that's really mean. She apologized while she was on the carpet, but who's to say it was sincere. I mean, Bubbles is kinda weird, with that exercise thing she came up with.
  • Brittaney is crazy. She really is. She is just nuts. For her to say that she doesn't fit in is true, and its not because she is older than them, because her mentality is of someone younger, its because she is nuts. She is just a weird person. She's also lame. She tells Stryker not to make her cry after he makes a joke to her. Seriously!? She also wants so leave because she doesn't get along with anyone. News flash Brittaney: Charm school isn't about making friends, its about changing your wild behavior.
  • Marcia is an alcoholic. She needs to go to rehab instead of Charm School. She says she drinks 10 shots of tequila on any given Sunday. Seriously!? Charm School is obviously not helping her drinking problem so she needs rehab instead. She says though, she has changed when it comes to getting into fights, but there are other things you need to change.
  • I don't know and Ashley right now. Some are calling her fake. In some ways she is fake but then again, it looks like she is trying to change. She did invite Brittaney to sleep in her room even though they have had differences.
  • I really don't like Natashia. She said herself she doesn't care about the money or charm school...so why is she there. She just wants to be on camera, she's not there to change, so why is she there. She's trying so hard to get everyone else off the show, but really, she needs to go.
  • I'm glad Brittaney did go home though because honestly, she needs a mental ward or something to help her. She's crazy.
Next week, the girls, are ghost hunting. I love scary things like that so I'm excited for next week.

New York Goes to Work

And since I haven't yet talked about New York Goes to Work I thought I would write my first post about her. She's been two for two on her checks. She won two (with her jobs as an exterminator and a pig farmer) and she lost two (with her jobs as a nudist resort employee and a ghost hunter.)

This week she was an exotic animal trainer. I think she did pretty well this week. She didn't pass her task, grooming a lion, but she did pass her other two tasks, fly bird of prey and tiger training. Who isn't going to be afraid of these animals? I know I would, so I give her props.

Next week her jobs will be one of the following: Doggie Day Care Worker, Auto Mechanic, or Supermarket Employee. What do you think it will be?