Sunday, August 9, 2009


This was such a beautiful episode. Kendra looked beautiful in her dress and the wedding was beautiful. I defiantly almost cried. I thought it was really cute when even Hef was crying.

Brooke Knows Best

Wow...the whole "green" thing is great and all, but Ashley took it a tad bit too far. I'm sure if that were me, I would not be able to put up with all that.

Make It or Break It

So not only is Lauren a bitch, but she is a crazy bitch. Thank goodness for Summer talking some sense into Lauren, again. Lauren may not like Summer, but she could learn a lot from her.

10 Things I Hate About You

Poor Cameron just can't compare to Joey. Just another one of those guys that will only be seen as a friend, a "little brother." And Joey...he may be hot but I don't see much else going for him.

Ruby and the Rockits

This show never fails to make me laugh. I loved the opening scene with Ruby and Jordan. They are so hilarious together. And David can be such an airhead when it comes to parenting sometimes, but he is so funny!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Lost Profiles: Charlie

This week's Lost profile: Charlie

Name: Charlie Pace

Played By: Dominic Monaghan

From: Manchester, England

Age: 25

Former Profession: Musician

Relationship Status: Single

Children: None

Why he was in Australia: He went to persuade his brother into coming back to their band, Drivshaft.

People he came into contact with before the crash: None

Other people he is connected to from Flight 815:
  • Sayid- He saved Sayid's childhood friend, (and later wife) Nadia from being mugged on day on the street
How he died: He drowned after swimming down to the Looking Glass station to switch of a device that was blocking transmittance to and from the island because the room he was in flooded

*Most of my information comes from Wikipedia, so let me know if I missed something*

Next Week: Claire

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

New TV Show Review: Megan Wants A Millionaire

Last night, VH1 debuted their newest celebriality dating show, Megan Wants A Millionaire, starring reality fame-whore, Megan Hauserman. This will be Megan's 5th reality show that she has starred in. She has also been on Beauty and the Geek (where she won the third season), Rock of Love with Bret Micheals, I Love Money, and Rock of Love: Charm School.

This time around in the VH1 reality dating show world, Megan is looking for love. Not only is she looking for love, but she wants that special guy to have lots of money. Every guy on the show has a net worth, of at least, one million dollars. Can you say gold digger? But then again these guys must be pretty desparate if they are willing to spend huge amounts of cash on a woman while she also dates other men.

Speaking of the men, some of these guys are somethin' else. Lets go through some of them, shall we?

Garth...he just seems like a huge tool. And the fact that he is a millionaire and a plumber, is kind of weird to me. If your a millionaire, why would you still continue to be a plumber? He is also kind of childish if you ask me. Making fun of someone, just because he isn't "your cup of tea" is a little immature. And what is more mature is that he broke his piggy bank that Megan gave him, just for kicks. Yeah, thats a little immature.

Joe...poor Joe. Garth made fun of him and then broke his piggy bank. He did seem a little flaymboyent though. But he does seem like a sweet guy.

Al...what the hell Al? What was that "joke" you played on Megan?? Seriously!? It was not cute and it was not funny. Not only want it none of those things but it caused Megan to spill her drink all over her dress and I'm pretty sure I saw some get in her eyes. And he lauged about it!

Audi...what the hell is a "hump game?" Sounds way dirty, which is probably why Megan eliminated you. Thats coming on a little strong, dude.

James...has an estate of 4 million bucks, that he hasn't recieved yet. Not only that but he lives at home with him mommy and daddy. Well, dude, Megan wants a millionaire, that actually has the money, which is probably why you got eliminated. I know this is a little shallow of her to do, but whatever.

And last, but certainly not least...Donald. Oh Donald, a 50 year old movie producer, who has seen all of the shows that Megan has been in. He wants to put her in one of his movies. I don't see boyfriend potential there, but a crazy peverted stalker, who comes up with the lamest stuff to say. "I don't want to be stranded at an Nsync concert left saying 'Bye Bye Bye.'" or "Like Lady Gaga said, 'Just dance, It'll be ok, Just Dance." I bet you can guess why she got rid of him.

This season of Megan Wants A Millionaire should be a good one. It should be funny, just like all the other crazy VH1 reality shows.

Monday, August 3, 2009

New TV Show Review is Postponed

This week's TV Show Review was to be on Megan Wants A Millionaire. I missed it's premiere last night so that is why the review is not up yet. I will try and catch it sometime tomorrow and post about it then.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

2 Season Finales, Lauren and Joey Are Still Jerks, and Kendra's Pregnant


I was so sad for Kendra when she broke the pregnancy news to her mom. I understood where her mom was coming from, but it was still sad. Moving out of the mansion was the best thing Kendra could have done. It has really made her grow up. And Hank is such a good match for her. I'm glad they all settled their differences though. And it was so cute to see the first ultra sound!

Make It or Break It

I know I say this in like every post, but I hate Lauren. I just hate her more and more. I understand she's upset about her mom and stuff, but why does that mean you have to act like that...telling her dad's girlfriend he's never going to marry her and telling your "best friends" boyfriend to break up with her because he cheated on her with you...Good riddance, however, because neither plans worked, did they? And I know that Emily should have listened to the coach and not did what she did, but did he have to tell her she couldn't go to nationals? Kinda harsh!

Charm School

This was the first episode Ashley actually looked like she deserved to win. For a second she was kind of growing on me, but I'm over it now. I wanted Marcia to win, but I know the reason she didn't was because she wasn't totally honest with her mother. After watching this episode Risky did deserve to win. She finally opened up and her speech was probably the best.

Daisy of Love

I actually didn't watch this season finale episode, but I did hear who won via Twitter. I just have one question...Daisy, are you insane?? London leaves you once, comes back, begs for forgivness, you give him another show, and then you chose him over Flex and 12 Pack? 12 Pack I can understand, he was such a fame whore. Flex seemed to be a great guy, and he was hot! I mean, I understand Daisy had the best connection with him. You could see that because whenever she was around him. But who's to say he's not going to leave you again!? I see a season 2 coming soon!

The Real World

I really wish they would have sent Joey home. I really can't stand him. Obviously if he is getting wasted the night before work and calls off work because he is "not feeling well" and not even calling in but having a roommate break the news to their boss, he isn't taking this job seriously. I really hope it happens again. I love this show but sometimes I can't stand to watch this season because of him. He's not good television, he's just annoying.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Lost Profiles: Sayid

This week's Lost Profile: Sayid

Name: Sayid Jarrah

Played By: Naveen Andrews

From: Tikrit, Iraq

Age: 39

Former Profession: Communications officer in the Iraqi Republican Guard

Relationship Status: Widowed

Children: None

Why he was in Australia: The ASIS and the CIA told him if he would infiltrate a terrorist cell and uncover stolen C-4 they would tell him where Nadia, his childhood friend who he interrogated in the Rebublican Guard and helped escape, was.

People he came into contact with before the crash:
  • Shannon- he asked her to watch his bags
Other people he is connected to from Flight 815: None

Life after he left the island: He marries Nadia, who is soon killed by a car that was meant for Sayid, but Jacob intervened. He then starts working for Ben, assassinating all the people that was responsible for Nadia's death.

*Most of my information comes from Wikipedia, so let me know if I missed something*

Next Week: Charlie

New One Tree Hill Blog

Hey everyone!

I just wanted to inform you guys of my new One Tree Hill blog. I've been thinking about it for awhile, and here it is. I'm so excited about it!

Right now I have a discussion going about the show without Hilarie Burton or Chad Micheal Murray. I would love to hear your thoughts. So please, go check it out!

The link is And don't worry! You dont need a wordpress account to leave a comment.

It would mean the world to me if all you One Tree Hill fans check out my new blog. Its not going to be review site, or whatever. Just a site where I can look back on the characters and the best (and worst) moments or the show. I have so many fun ideas, I just need a bigger audience. I want to make this site huge! Please, check it out!

I'll have discussions, fan videos, polls, character profiles (like I do on here for Lost), reviews of the new episodes, top moments, thoughts looking back on previous episodes, so much fun stuff! I can't say this enough, please, check it out!

Again, it would mean the world to me!

Monday, July 27, 2009

New TV Show Review: Ruby and the Rockits

Ruby and the Rockits is the newest ABC Family Original Series, starring Alexa Vega (Spy Kids) and David Cassidy (The Partridge Family.)

Ruby (Alexa Vega) is the long lost daughter of David Gallagher (David Cassidy) who decides its time to meet her father, so she decides to surprise him. David decides Ruby can't live with him at the hotel he performs at, so he asks his brother Patrick, who is a former child star, (Patrick Cassidy) and sister-in-law, Audie (Katie A. Keane) if Ruby can live with them and thier two sons, Jordan (Austin Butler) and Ben (Kurt Doss.)

Tonight will be the second episode of Ruby and the Rockits, and already, I love it! Its so funny! And Alexa Vega is really talented! She sings the song for the opening credits, and she is a singer on the show.

ABC Family has come out with a lot of new shows, and they have all been great! I love that they are all so family oriented, and this show is no exception. I recommend that everyone check this show out!

Monday, July 20, 2009

TV Show Recap


I'm so surprise that Kendra's dinner turned out so good! And I was happy to see Holly show up for the dinner. I also don't blame Kendra for firing her brother's girlfriend as her assistant. She knew how important the dinner was, and Kendra was really busy getting the food ready, the least she could do was help get stuff for it and help clean up.

10 Things I Hate About You

Seriously!? Bianca and Kat's dad was seriously overacting when Bianca came in like a minute late! And a breathalyzer and drug test! But its good to see that Kat actually does have a heart :P

Make It Or Break It

I wish Payson would stop being so stuck up. I understand, she is very dedicated to winning the Olympics, but you need to loosen up sometimes and have some fun! I'm glad she did though, in the end. And I'm so happy Emily, listened to her mom, and showed Lauren that she's not going to bring her down. Speaking of Lauren, I really hate her! Im glad she showed some emotion when she was talking to Summer, but of course, like Lauren fashion, it didn't last. I guess they need the one girl that causes drama in the show.

The Real World

I really hate Joey! Seriously!? I haven't seen the last few episodes so I'm not sure how Aaiya has been, but I'm sure she doesn't deserve that. You dont push someone, who has anxiety, over the edge like that. And you dont say she is cutting herself for attention, because people who cut aren't doing it for attention. But I'm glad she didn't go home because she would be giving him exatly what he wanted.

TV Show Profile: Lost

My second TV show profile is one of my favorite shows:

*I tried doing this with as little spoilers as possible*


*The main cast who has been around since season one*

Matthew Fox as Jack Shepard
Evangeline Lily as Kate Austen
Josh Holloway as James "Sawyer" Ford
Jorge Garcia as Hugo "Hurley" Reyes
Naveen Andrews as Sayid Jarrah
Yunjin Kim as Sun Kwon
Daniel Dae Kim as Jin Kwon
Terry O'Quinn as John Locke

Lost has been a cultural phenomenon since day one. From my stance, there hasn't been a show like it. Its a show that makes you think and puts you at the edge of your seat every week. You may get a little disappointed from time to time because you think the show will tell you something, and then it doesn't for weeks, but eventually you will know the truth.

I never seen this show until the first season came to DVD. At first it wasn't something that looked interesting to me, because I'm not really into the whole Si-fi thing, but I was at the video store one day and thought I would give it a shot. After the first episode, I was hooked. The season finale was so good I couldn't wait until season two, except for the fact the time conflicted with my favorite show, One Tree Hill. By the time they changed time, in season three, the season was halfway over. But luckly I got all caught up in time for season four to start, and I was able to actually watch it.

I had another chance to watch the show from the beginning because my boyfriend watched the season premiere of season 4 with me and was so confused he needed to watch from the beginning. After I got season 1 from Amazon, we stayed in all weekend and all we did was watch Lost and eat pizza. Thank goodness I had season two at home so we didn't have to wait long to stay in for another weekend. I finally had someone to watch it with me.

Lost is the story of a plane crash on a deserted island in the middle of nowhere. An island that nobody can find, with many mysteries that come with it. The survivors have to ban together to find food, make shelter, and stay together so they can survive. There is a plethera of different people from different cultures and races that are stuck on this island. Some end up dying, more survivors show up, and they even come across people already on the island.

Its like Guilligan's Island or Survivor, but with many twists, turns, and mysteries to figure out. Even if your not big on si-fi, I definatly think you will love this show too. But just make sure you pay close attention with all these characters, like the "others, who live on the island, and the Dharma Initiative, an experimental team from the 70's who did their experiemens on the island.

Lost over the years

Season One

Besides the main cast that I mentioned above the rest of the survivors include:

Emilie De Raven as Claire Littleton
Dominic Monaghan as Charlie Pace
Harold Perrinau as Micheal Dawson
Malcom David Kelley as Walter "Walt" Lloyd
Ian Somerhalder as Boone Carlyle
Maggie Grace as Shannon Rutherford
L. Scott Caldwell as Rose Henderson Nadler

Season Two

The Survivors of the tail end of the plain:

Michelle Rodriguez as Ana Lucia Cortez
Sam Anderson as Bernard Nadler
Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje as Mr. Eko
Cynthia Wartros as Elizabeth "Libby"

Season Three

The "Others"

Micheal Emerson as Ben Linus
Elizabeth Mitchel as Juliet Burke
Henry Ian Cusick as Desmond David Hume
Nestor Carbonell as Richard Alpert
William Mapother as Ethan Rome
Brett Cullen as Goodwin Stanhope
Andrew Divoff as Mikhail Bakunim
M.C Gainey as Tom
Tayna Raymonde as Alex
Blake Bashoff as Carl
Mark Pellegrino as Jacob

Season Four

Employees of Charles Widmore

Alan Dale as Charles Widmore
Lance Redick as Matthew Abbanon
Jeremy Davies as Daniel Faraday
Rebecca Nadar as Charlotte Staples Lewis
Ken Leuing as Miles Straum
Jeff Fahey as Frank Lepidus
Marsha Thomason as Naomi Dorrit
Kevin Durand as Martin Keamy
Grant Bowler as Captain Gault

Season Five

The Dharma Initiative

Doug Hutchinson as Horace Goodspeed
Reiko Aylesworth as Amy Goodspeed
Francois Chau as Pierre Chang
John Gries as Roger Linus
Eric Lange as Stuart Ratzinski
Patrick Fishler as Phil

Of course there are many other characters that make this show what it is. To find out about all these characters and more, watch Lost Wednesdays at 9 p.m. on ABC. Make sure you catch up though, so your not lost when it comes to what your watching. The sixth, and final season, airs this January.

The Lost Profiles: Locke

This Week's Lost Profile...


Name: John Locke

Played By: Terry O'Quinn

From: Tustin, California

Age: Unknown, probably 50's

Profession: Box Company Office Worker

Relationship Status: Single

Children: None

Why he was in Australia: He wanted to go on an Australian walkabout

People he came into contact with before the crash:
  • Jacob- He visited Locke when he was in the hospital after his father threw him out a window
  • Matthew Abbanon- also visits Locke in the hospital and tells him to go on the walkabout
Other people he is connected to from Flight 815: None

Life after the Oceanic Six leave: He becomes the new leader of "the others" and is instructed to leave the island to convince the O6 to return to the island. He is given the alias "Jeremy Bentham," and fails at getting anyone to return to the island. He eventually tries to hang himself but ends up being killed, by Ben.

*Most of my information comes from Wikipedia, so let me know if I missed something*

Next Week: Sayid

New TV Movie Review: Labor Pains

Labor Pains is the newest ABC Family Original movie starring Lindsay Lohan. Thea (Lohan) is at risk of being evicted from her apartment that she shares with her younger sister, who she takes care of, and her boss wants to fire her. In order to keep her job, she lets him know that she is pregnant, which, is not true. She tries her hardest to keep everyone thinking she is pregnant while writing a book on pregnancy with one of her coworkers. She eventually has to deal with the repurcusions of living a lie to keep her job.

I like this movie. I thought it was funny and Lindsay Lohan did a good job. I think she is a great actress despite all the media about her. Its a shame that she hasn't been in a big screen movie lately, but a movie is a movie, none the less, even if its a made for TV movie. Im sure it will be on DVD soon so I recommend you go see it if you are a Lindsey Lohan fan. Even if your not, I still say give it a shot.

Next Week: Ruby and the Rockets

Monday, July 13, 2009

Weekly Show Recap


I love when the network makes it look as if Hank's parents are uncomfortable with Kendra's past life and I love it when they made it seem uncomfortable being at the Playboy mansion. In reality, they loved being there and they loved meeting Hef. Especially, Hanks father. He especially loved meeting "All The Way" Ray and doing the Bunny Hop.

Make It Or Break It

I don't really understand why the new coach is so upset with the girls for going to a party. They never get out because their whole life revolves around gymnastics. He even said their practice wouldn't be til Monday so whats the big deal if they have some sort of hurrah until then? I'm also glad the girls all made up and everything, but of course its not going to last. Lauren is going to go back to her bitch ways next week. And it wont be long until Kaylie finds out about her sleeping with Carter.

Charm School

I'm really proud of Marcia for not drinking while they were in New Orleans and because she didn't she rocked the challenge the next day because she got a good nights rest. Everyone else was just jealous of that fact. I hope she's the one that wins because out of the three left I think she has come that farthest. I wish Ashley would have been expelled but, hopefully its this coming week. As long as she isnt the one that wins.

10 Things I Hate About You

I really don't like Chasity, but then again, who would like a girl like that? I just don't understand why she doesn't put Bianca on the squad if she is one of the best ones. I wish Bianca would have gone through with sticking up for herself with Chasity, but one day she will learn.

Brooke Knows Best

All I can say is EWW! Were they seriously drinking pee!?? Thats so gross! I also like how Hulk was being so protective of Glen when his new boyfriend came to meet everyone.

The Lost Profiles: Hurley

This week's Lost profile...


Name: Hugo "Hurley" Reyes

Played By: Jorge Garcia

From: Los Angeles, California

Age: 30

Profession: Fast Food Worker

Relationship Status: Single

Children: None

Why he was in Australia: He went to talk to the man that could explain to him the mystery behind "the numbers."

People he came into contact with before the crash:
  • Libby: They were being treated at the same mental institution
  • Charlie: They were on the same elevator in the Australian airport
Other people he is connected to from Flight 815:
  • Locke: His mother was being treated at the same mental institution
  • Ana Lucia: He met her partner at the police station after he was picked up by the cops after leaving the island

Life after the island: He gets arrested after a car chase with the cops, after he left a convenience store he was in because he claimed to of seen Charlie. At the police station he sees Charlie again and the policeman asks him if he wants to be put back into the mental institution and he quickly agrees but after a while Sayid breaks him out in order to go back to the island.

*Most of my information comes from Wikipedia, so let me know if I missed something*

Next Week: Locke

New TV Show Review: 10 Things I Hate About You

If you loved the movie 10 Things I Hate About You, you'll love the ABC Family Original TV Show, by the same name, of course. They even cast the dad, from the original movie, to play the dad in this show. 10 Things I Hate About You only started last Tuesday, but I know its going to be another addictive show.

Like all of the other ABC Family original shows, the cast to this show, is not too well known. I did notice a few of the cast members were on the Disney Channel. Meghan Jett Martin, who plays Bianca Stratford, was in Camp Rock, and Nicholas Braun, who plays Cameron James, was in Princess Protection Program. But even though ABC Family usually cast people that are not well known, after a few episodes of thier show, most everyone knows thier name, or at least thier faces.

I really enjoyed watching this show. It was witty and funny and from the first episode relates the the movie. But since this is a tv show, I'm excited to see what they have in store for us. The only disapointment I have from this show, is that its only half an hour long. I was expecting it to be an hour like other ABC Family Original Shows.

If you would like to check out this show, if you haven't, is shown Tuesday nights at 8 P.M. on ABC Family

Sunday, July 5, 2009

This Past Week in Shows

Another week where I didn't watch many new episodes of my shows. I missed alot and was away from home for a few days. Anyway, here it is...


This show always keeps me laughing. Johnny Makeup was on the show again this week and he was hilarious. And Hank's reaction to him was even funnier! He just didn't know what to think. And what was up with that outfit Johnny brought over!? LMAO While Hank was home dealing with Johnny, Kendra was in Vegas indoor skydiving topless...sounds fun! LOL I also love how Kendra and I have so much in common.


It really astonishes me how a drug addict can care so much about their drug that they don't care about what their family is saying to them. It's really sad! It's also really sad that such a beautiful girl can get so addicted to her drug and her dad has to give her money for drugs so she doesn't go sleeping around to get the money instead. Thank goodness, she finally decided to go to rehab, and after a few months she started to look good again. And its sad that she had to relapse a few times and get in trouble with the law to finally quit once and for all.


I never really understood why hoarders are the way that they are. I never understood why someone would want to keep just about everything. I guess being a psych major, I have to understand this, and after watching this episode it makes sense to me. They hoard because it fills some sense of emptiness for them, and its really sad.

Charm School

I only caught the end of this week, but I'm disapointed Bubbles went home, I think she deserved to win the most, but Ricky is right, she has changed and there is now more changing she needs to do. I just dont want Ashley to win!

The Lost Profiles: Jin

Name: Jin-Soo Kwon

Played By: Daniel Dae Kim

Age: 33

From: Namhea, South Korea

Profession: Business assistance for Mr. Paik, Sun's father

Relationship Status: Married to Sun-Hwa Kwon (maiden name Paik)

Children: One daughter, Ji Yeon, with wife, Sun

Why he was in Australia: He was on a secret mission to deliver watches to Mr. Paik's associates

People she came into contact to before the crash:
  • Jacob- who showed up at Jin and Sun's wedding reception
Other people he is connected to from Flight 815: None

Life after the Oceanic 6 leave the island: He and some others become part of the Dharma Initiative, and his job is to continue to search for Locke and the people Locke with return to the island with.

*Most of my information comes from Wikipedia so let me know if I missed something*

Next week: Hurley

Top 5 Tuesday: TV Movies

This week for Top 5 Tuesday, I'm counting down my top 5 favorite TV movies.


My Fake Fiance

My Fake Fiance, starring Melissa Joan Hart and Joey Lawrence, is about a women (Hart) who pretends to marry this guy (Lawrence) so she can get the gifts, for her new apartment and he can get the money, to pay off old debts. Airing in April of this year on ABC Family, its a great family, romantic comedy.


Even Stevens Movie

I loved Even Stevens during its run on the Disney Channel, and I loved the movie as well. In this movie, the Stevens are told that they won an island trip, but in reality they are being sent there to partake in a new reality tv show, and the crew does everything they can to make sure they have a horrible time. Airing in 2003, its an hilarious adaption of the hilarious show starring Shia Lebeouf.


Picture This

I love Ashley Tisdale, so I was excited to see her in this ABC Family Original Movie, that aired last summer. Tisdale's character is an outcast who has a crush on the popular guy in school and when he finally notices her, she lies to her overprotective father about studying at her friends, but he wants her to check in with him through video messaging. Its a cute and funny movie where she tries to make it seem she is studying, so her dad doesn't freak out, and this goes throughout most of the movie.


Camp Rock

I also love the Jonas Brothers, especialy Joe Jonas, so I was excited to see this Disney Channel Original Movie, that also aired last summer, not only because Joe had a lead role and JB played in it, but it looked really good...and it was! This was Demi Lovato's first big role and she was great, playing a girl who gets to go to this famous music camp, but only because her mom agreed to be the cook. She is embarrased by this so she befriends the popular girls, but lies about who she is. Not only is she a great actress in this movie, she was a great singer too! This is the role that made Demi Lovato much bigger!

And my number one favorite TV movie...

The Pact

The Pact is one of my all time favorite books, so I was really excited to hear that Lifetime, adapted the book into a movie, about a suicide pact, that goes horribly wrong. Its an amazing book, and an amazing movie. I love watching movies that are adapted from books because it gives you a better perspective of the book. I highly recommond everyone read this book...and watch the movie after!

New Show Review: Make It or Break It

If you loved the movie "Stick It" or your a gymnastics fan, you'll love this new ABC Family Original Series, Make It or Break It. After seeing the first episode, I was hooked.

The cast of the show aren't really actors that are well known, but I'm sure after a season on this show, everyone will be hearing about them. But there are a few faces we have all seen before, like Candace Cameron Bure, who played on Full House. And its the perfect show to follow another ABC Family Original Series, Secret Life

Make It or Break It is full of drama, with the teenagers and the adults, of course. And speaking of drama, there is, of course, the one bitchy girl, that starts most of it. And, also of course, there is the occasional hot guys!

But this show is different then most dramas, because it all about one thing...Gymnastics. You don't really see a lot of shows that revolve around a sport. But this one does.

Next week I'll review another ABC Family Original Series, 10 Things I hate About You, based of the hit movie, which starts tomorrow night at 8 P.M.

If you want to catch this show, it airs on ABC Family, Monday nights at 9 P.M.

Kendra Has A Garage Sale, Denise Throws A Party, New York Goes Boxing, and Charm School is Still Crazy

Wow! I did not watch that much tv this past week! Well, I did watch a lot, just nothing that was new :P Maybe I'll have more to review next week.


Johnny Makeup was hilarious at Kendra's garage sale. And it was really funny that someone called the cops saying there were "half-naked girls" standing on the side of the road with "large, obscene signs." Seriously!? 1. They were dressed and 2. the signs said "Garage sale." Even the cop thought it was funny. It was kind of a bitch move on Kendra's brother's girlfriend's part to just grab random things from Kendra's room, like her baby pictures, to sell at the garage sale. And who brings their own barber, and personal stripper, to a friends house for the weekend!? I don't care if your Two Short.

It's Complicated

That party planner that Denise hired was NUTS! Why would Denise throw are baby shower for her friend with fake paparazzi and such!? And who crashes a baby shower and then passes out business cards!? At least she had a present to give her!

New York Goes to Work

I'm not surprised that Pumpkin was picked to box against New York and I'm also not surprised that she pulled a no show. Seriously!? Pumpkin. You get a chance to fight New York and you bail on it!? But the runner up was, of course, Mr. Boston, who isn't much of a fighter, since he got his ass beat by Chance. A fight between New York and Boston wouldn't happen if this was a real boxing match, but it was still funny to watch. Since this was the finale I wonder what crazy show will be next for New York. I'm kinda hoping it will be I Love New York 3 because her others were just too funny!

Charm School

I can't believe K.O. left, when she still had so much left to learn and I'm happy that Bay Bay Bay has grown so much since she first got there. Its good to know there is one girl there that is really there to change and not there to win Ashley. All she really cares about is the money, because obviously she hasn't changed AT ALL. I mean, I know that she has a son to support, but seriously!? Stop stripping, and get a real job! If I had to pick a winner now, I would probably pick Bubbles. I feel like she has really made an effort to change and stand up for herself more. I think she has really learned a lot. Really, I don't care too much, but I just don't want Ashley to win. I hope she gets kicked off soon, like next week.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

TV Show Profile Thursday: One Tree Hill

My first TV show profile will be on my all time favorite TV show, One Tree Hill.

*I tried to write this post with as little spoilers as possible*


Chad Micheal Murry as Lucas Scott
James Lafferty as Nathan Scott
Hilary Burton as Peyton Sawyer
Bethany Joy Galeotti as Haley James
Sophia Bush as Brooke Davis

I've been a huge fan since the beginning of the show, I've gotten a lot of my family members (and friends) hooked on this show as well, and I would love to get more people to love this show. If you love soapy dramas, like 90210 or Gossip Girl, you'll love this show! Honestly, I don't think this show gets talked about enough. It started the same year as The O.C, but all you ever heard was The O.C this, and The O.C that. What show is still going and what show got canceled after only 4 seasons? Even with The O.C. gone, it still doesn't get much attention. I wish that were different, though.

One Tree Hill is the story of two boys, Lucas and Nathan. These two boys are also half-brothers but they can't stand each other. Their father left Lucas' mother when she was pregnant to go off to college on a basketball scholarship, only to meet Nathan's mother and get her pregnant as well. He decided to stay with Nathan's mother, and also decided he wanted nothing to do with Lucas or his mother. The two grow up on two totally different sides of the tracks but they have one thing in common. They both love basketball, and end up having to work together, when Lucas is chosen for their high school's basketball team. A basketball team that Nathan is the start player of.

Not only do these to boys have to deal with the trials and tribulations that come in to play on the basketball court, and with their father, they have problems that any normal teenage boy has. Girl problems! This is where Haley, Peyton, and Brooke come into play.

If your someone in high school or out of high school, you can relate to these storylines. Sometimes they are shocking and sometimes they are really sad and heartfelt. But it's a show that once you start watching it, you can't stop until your caught up. And with 6 seasons, there is a lot to watch.

One Tree Hill over the years

Season One

This is where we meet Lucas, Nathan, Peyton, Haley, and Brooke.

Lucas: He is kind of the outsider. He's good at basketball but is only stuck playing on the River Court. He grew up fatherless, with only his mother and uncle to take care of him.

Nathan: He is the basketball star for the Tree Hill Ravens, because his father pushed him his whole life to be the best and only the best. He grew up with everything he's ever wanted.

Peyton: She is a lover of music and an artist. She lost her mother at an early age and her father is always gone for work. She is also the girlfriend of Nathan but Lucas' crush.

Haley: She is the smartest in her class and she uses that to her advantage by tutoring at school. She has also Lucas' best friend since they were little kids.

Brooke: She is beautiful, popular, the captain of the cheer squad, and a party girl. But deep down she is so much more. She has also been Peyton's best friend since they were little kids.

Season one focus' on the group's first half of junior year. Not only is the rivarly between Lucas and Nathan the main story this season, there is also blossoming relationships (and breakups), love triangles (and quadrangles), and of course basketball.

Season Two

As the second half of junior year begins, season two brings in several new characters, so of course there are new relationships (and of course, breakups.) There is also struggles that are very serious to real life and shocking stories, that you wont see coming.

Season Three and Four

Its senior year for the kids of Tree Hill High, during seasons three and four, and that brings more drama, especially when a new girl shows up at school. But it doesn't end there! These two season are probably the most shocking, with more and more things you wont see coming. And of course, there is graduation.

Season Five and Six

High school will be done and over with for 4 years, as seasons five and six start. There are struggles as everyone becomes who they want to be in life, as they drift apart for awhile, but all end up in the same place again. But of course, there is still drama, as if they were still all back in high school.

Season seven starts on September 14, 2009, at 8 P.M, on the CW, right before Gossip Girl.
So make sure that you catch up before then!

Other characters

Karen Roe: Lucas' single mother, who owns her own cafe

Dan Scott: Lucas and Nathan's father, who is nothing more than evil and manipulative

Keith Scott: Lucas and Nathan's uncle, who helped take care of Lucas his whole life

Deb Scott: Nathan's mother

Mouth and Skills: The "River Court guys" and Lucas' other best friends

Brian "Whitey" Durham: The Raven's basketball coach

The storylines aren't the only thing great about this show. Not only does this show feature hot guys (and girls), every episode is full of great music, like Gavin Degraw and Fall Out Boy. The music is one of the things I love about this show. It's gotten me into a lot of music I never imagined myself getting into. Not only is there great music, but every title of each episode is named after a song. Not only is the titles of episodes name after a song, but so is the title of the show. One Tree Hill is also a song by U2!