Sunday, August 2, 2009

2 Season Finales, Lauren and Joey Are Still Jerks, and Kendra's Pregnant


I was so sad for Kendra when she broke the pregnancy news to her mom. I understood where her mom was coming from, but it was still sad. Moving out of the mansion was the best thing Kendra could have done. It has really made her grow up. And Hank is such a good match for her. I'm glad they all settled their differences though. And it was so cute to see the first ultra sound!

Make It or Break It

I know I say this in like every post, but I hate Lauren. I just hate her more and more. I understand she's upset about her mom and stuff, but why does that mean you have to act like that...telling her dad's girlfriend he's never going to marry her and telling your "best friends" boyfriend to break up with her because he cheated on her with you...Good riddance, however, because neither plans worked, did they? And I know that Emily should have listened to the coach and not did what she did, but did he have to tell her she couldn't go to nationals? Kinda harsh!

Charm School

This was the first episode Ashley actually looked like she deserved to win. For a second she was kind of growing on me, but I'm over it now. I wanted Marcia to win, but I know the reason she didn't was because she wasn't totally honest with her mother. After watching this episode Risky did deserve to win. She finally opened up and her speech was probably the best.

Daisy of Love

I actually didn't watch this season finale episode, but I did hear who won via Twitter. I just have one question...Daisy, are you insane?? London leaves you once, comes back, begs for forgivness, you give him another show, and then you chose him over Flex and 12 Pack? 12 Pack I can understand, he was such a fame whore. Flex seemed to be a great guy, and he was hot! I mean, I understand Daisy had the best connection with him. You could see that because whenever she was around him. But who's to say he's not going to leave you again!? I see a season 2 coming soon!

The Real World

I really wish they would have sent Joey home. I really can't stand him. Obviously if he is getting wasted the night before work and calls off work because he is "not feeling well" and not even calling in but having a roommate break the news to their boss, he isn't taking this job seriously. I really hope it happens again. I love this show but sometimes I can't stand to watch this season because of him. He's not good television, he's just annoying.

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