Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Lost Profiles: Charlie

This week's Lost profile: Charlie

Name: Charlie Pace

Played By: Dominic Monaghan

From: Manchester, England

Age: 25

Former Profession: Musician

Relationship Status: Single

Children: None

Why he was in Australia: He went to persuade his brother into coming back to their band, Drivshaft.

People he came into contact with before the crash: None

Other people he is connected to from Flight 815:
  • Sayid- He saved Sayid's childhood friend, (and later wife) Nadia from being mugged on day on the street
How he died: He drowned after swimming down to the Looking Glass station to switch of a device that was blocking transmittance to and from the island because the room he was in flooded

*Most of my information comes from Wikipedia, so let me know if I missed something*

Next Week: Claire

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