Sunday, May 31, 2009

A Hills Finale and an Awards Show

So tonight is what all Hills fans have been waiting for...the Heidi/Spencer wedding which marks the season finale. As far as episodes go, this one was pretty good. It was a good season finale. Although, this season was short lived.

Here are my thoughts in bullet form...

  • First of all I'm sad that Lauren is no longer going to be on the show but if she feels like its time for her to move on, then it's time for her to move on. She's had a great run, with being in Laguna Beach and The Hills, and if I were her I would also feel like its time for me to move on with my life. She's just outgrown being a reality star and thats cool. It happens. The show just wont be the same without her.
  • Although the show wont be the same without Lauren, it looks like Kristen will bring some drama. I never really liked Kristen all that much but I'll still watch (at least the first episode) the show. I mean this whole show is basically a bunch of drama, and we all know Kristen will bring a lot to the show. I, as probably many people, find drama entertaining, when it's not involving me of course. And wtf was up with Kristen wearing the same color as Lauren? MTV didn't set that one up at all... And that smirk on her face when she walked into the church...seriously!?
  • Heidi probably should have picked Stephanie as her maid of honor. I understand that Holly is her sister and everything but she was not a very good maid of honor. She showed up late for the bachelorette party, didn't write down information for the thank you cards, she made a scene at the rehearsal dinner, and that was up with that speech? And how can you say throwing food at someone is not rude!? Seriously!? Even if its just a joke, that is rude, especially it being at a wedding rehearsal dinner. I agree with Spencer this time. And I don't blame Heidi for getting mad about it landing on her purse. I would get mad too. Even though it was a tiny spot, it was still a spot nonetheless on a very expensive new purse. Holly had to of been drunk at the rehersal dinner because she was definatly acting up.
  • Brody was being a little bit mean to Spencer. I kinda felt bad for him for a second. I think he is honestly trying to change, but its not going to happen over night. It's going to take a lot of time. I just think Brody was being a little bit too harsh on Spencer.
  • I'm glad Spencer made things right with Heidi's mom. He can't get married to someone and not get along with her mom.
  • I'm glad that Lauren did decided to go to the wedding. I really hope someday her and Spencer really bury the hatchet and her and Heidi become best friends again. I's wishful thinking. Although I'm not surprised that Lauren left right after the wedding. But it was a good "send off" for her.
  • I was actually kinda surprised that Brody and Jayde were seen at Lauren and Lo's party considering Audrina was there. Maybe they have all buried the hatchet??
So I think that covers all of the episode. I'm super excited for it to return in the fall. I'll watch the first episode with Kristen but if it sucks I probably won't watch anymore of it. I hope its still as good as when Lauren was on it. But I don't know... I guess we'll see.

What were your thoughts on the season finale?

Considering this was a special night, with The Hills being on a Sunday night, the MTV Movie Awards were also on.

First of all, I'm sooooo glad Miley Cyrus won for best song in a movie. The Climb is one of her best songs and she totally deserves this award. Not to mention she looked beautiful...but doesn't she always?

And another thing I loved about the show...Shia LeBeouf looks soooo hot! And that preview for Transformers looked so good! I can't wait til it comes out to theaters! Speaking of previews...Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince preview also looked sooo good. And Danial Radcliff was really funny when he was announcing it. I love Harry Potter and I can't wait to go see the new movie with my grandma and cousins, like we do every year a Harry Potter movie comes out. I'll have to re read the book first! So while were on the topic of previews, how about that Twilight, New Moon, preview. I've seen the first one, and it was alright. I didn't think it was the best movie I've ever seen. I've never read the books, but I plan to, and I'm sure the book will be so much better than the movie. I'll definatly read the New Moon book before I see the movie.

Since were on the topic of Twilight, and I know I'll probably get a lot of stuff about this, but I don't think they deserved all the awards they won. I think the reason they won all those awards was because of all the teeny boppers that watched that movie. They voted based on looks, whatever, but they really didn't vote based on what the award was. For example, I think the only reason Robert Pattinson won breakthrough male was because all the teenage girls thinks he is hot. (Which I don't think he is that hot. I think Taylor is hotter.) But I understand why Taylor didn't win breakthrough male. He wasn't in the first movie much. Maybe next year he will win breakthrough performance since he will be in New Moon way more than the first. And I don't think Kristen Stewert was the best actress in the breakthrough actress categroy. And why was she acting so awkward in front of the camera...not to mention the whole dropping her award thing?? I really don't think they deserved the best movie award. The movie was not nearly as good as the book (so I've been told) and it wasn't the best movie in general. I've never seen The Dark Knight, but I have heard that movie was fantastic, so I think The Dark Knight should have won for best movie. And there were way better kisses that were nominated for best kiss, then the kiss that Bella and Edward shared. I guess I just don't think movies that aren't to dvd yet, should be nominated. I really don't think its fair. And for best my opinion, that wasn't the best fight I've ever seen, and I think Pinapple Express should have won.

So anyway, that was my rant for this post...I guess I can talk about some other things...

Like what was up with Zac Efron's hair? I love long hair on men, but that little curly peice of hair in front of his face should have been sweapt off to the side. His hair just really needed trimmed. And what was up with Ben Stillers hair?? Ok, so I guess I needed to rant a little more :P

Another thing...What was up with Eminem and him leaving the show after that skit with Bruno? Was that staged or was Eminem really pissed off?? What are your thoughts?

Anyway, I think I covered everything...If I missed anything please leave a comment. What did you all think of the awards?

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Top Five Tuesday--Reality TV

Last week I counted down my top five favorite tv shows- drama. This week I'll countdown my top five favorite reality tv shows.

I'm obsessed with reality tv. I love it, despite most reality shows being kinda fake. I do have a few favorites, however. So, lets start the countdown!


Jon and Kate Plus 8

I do realize that I did just start watching this show this weekend...but I realized that I actually didn't have as many favorite reality shows as I thought. I've been obsessed with it all weekend and it's pretty much the only thing I've been watching all weekend. I love it after only watching it for a few days. And I'm excited for the upcoming season!


The Real World

It's the original reality show and I've been watching this show since the season of Back to New York, which was the 10th season. Unfortunately, I didn't watch this past season, Brooklyn, because of the fact that I didn't have cable for awhile, but I will watch the next marking it the 22nd season. Some of my favorite seasons include: San Diego, Austin, and Denver. I can't wait for the new season to come out so I can start getting into this show again.


Keeping Up With The Kardashians

I started watching this show halfway through season one and I loved it. I did see all of seasons two and three. I don't think there is word about a fourth season but I hope there is. I'm also super excited for Kourtney and Khloe's spin off show about them moving to Miami to open up a new Dash store.


The Hills

I loved Laguna Beach and Lauren was one of my favorites so I was really excited that she was getting her own show. I've watched it from the beginning and I will continue to watch it despite the fact that Lauren is leaving the show. I'm very saddened about it, and the show was originally about her, but the show must go on, right?

And my number one favorite reality tv show...


I actually didn't start watching this from the beginning but I remember watching it one day on E! and I loved it! Holly, Bridget, and Kendra are so entertaining to watch and they are so funny. I'm really sad that all of them have left the mansion but it was time for them all to go on with thier lives. I don't really like the new twins, Hef, has, and I don't know anything about his other new girlfriend, so I'm not sure how the 6th season will go, but I will watch anyway. Holly, Bridget, and Kendra are all still doing things together, so hopfully they will be in the new season, despite the fact they are no longer at the mansion. They are the original girls next door and there shouldn't be new girls. This show started with Holly, Bridget, and Kendra, and thats how it should end. I'm super excited for Kendra's new show coming in a couple week and I love Bridget's new show. I own seasons one, two, and three on DVD and as soon as I get the money I'll but the other two seasons that are out.

Where they you have it, my picks for top 5 reality tv show. What's yours?

3 breakups, 2 fights, and 1 big move!

Last night was the season finale of Keeping Up With the Kardashians. I unfortunately missed it the first time it aired but I was able to catch it again a couple hours later. It was an hour long but it was broken up into two episodes. So lets just get into it, then.

  • I was shocked when Rob called up Kim and informed her of his break-up with Adrienne. I couldn't believe that they broke up. I figured they did because on their twitter pages neither of them have talked about the other so it got me wondering if they were still together. I guess after this episode my question was answered.
  • Kourtney finally broke up with Scott. They should have done it the first time she accused him of cheating, because obviously he was doing it again. Either that or he had been cheating on her this whole time. Despite what he says, we all know he was.
  • Khloe finally lets someone in and calls him her boyfriend and what does Rashad do? He's sees another girl at the same time. I felt really bad for her. She hasn't had a boyfriend in so long and she has a hard time trusting people and letting them in her life and she does this and she just gets screwed over.
  • I don't blame Kim for getting really mad at Kourtney for always taking her clothes and stuff without asking. Especially if it was in a certain section that the stylist put together, or it was new and I hadn't worn it yet. Kourtney was calling her selfish, but I don't think she was at all. Its the fact that Kourtney didn't respect her and did ask to borrow her things. I'm the same way with my sisters. They can borrow whatever they want as long as they ask first.
  • I also don't blame Bruce for getting upset with Kylie for wearing all that makeup. She is 11 years old and 11 year olds should not wear really dark eyeliner and red lipstick. She already doesn't look her age and she doesn't need to further that. I wasn't allowed to wear makeup like that when I was in 6th grade and when I have a girl they won't be able to either. That is just too much. A little light eyeliner and light lipgloss is fine but not as dark as Kylie had it. And when she threw a fit at the resaraunt and Bruce made her leave and grounded her, I would have done that to. I would not have put up with that.
  • As we all know, Kourtney and Khloe, moved to Miami recently to open up a new Dash store. This will be very good for them with their recent breakups and everything. I can't wait for thier new show to come out that follows them while they open up thier new store.
What did you all think of the finale?

Monday, May 25, 2009

Three Girls Leave Charm School

I missed Charm School at 9 pm because of the fact that I was watching Jon and Kate Plus 8. However, they replayed it at 11 pm, so I still got to watch it in the same night =)

Anyway, the last thing we saw last week in Charm School was a couple of the Rock of Love girls threatening to leave, but Ricky convinces them to stay. However, Farrah and So Hood decide that they don't want to put up with the things going on in Charm School and that the money is not worth what they are going through, so they decide to leave, and there is no stopping them.

After this happens, Ricky, decides to have a talk with all the girls about how they feel about the situation. Ricky asks Risky if she thinks that the reason the two bottom girls stayed was because they were white. She said, yes. Seriously!? This is not a segregation issue. This show is not about white against black. It is about all those girls getting something out of the show, and changing, whether or not the win the money in the end or not. KiKi was chosen to be expelled because she is a bully and people are scared of her. It was not because she is black and the other girls are white. That is such a ridiculous thing to think. Also, Ashley apologized to Brittaney for locking her in the bathroom, which was nice of her. She even said herself, she doesn't have to be her friend, but she doesn't have to be so mean to her either.

This week, the girls had to hang out with the local senior citizens, and they all did pretty well. At first some of them were not doing charming things, i.e. Ashley letting some old lady feel her fake boobs and Brittanya sitting on they guy's laps and flirting with them. I think the two people that stood out the most this week were Bubbles, she was so sweet to the old lady she was talking to, and K.O, for the same reason. The person that won however was BayBayBay. I think this was because one of the old men fell off his chair and she was the only one who made the initiative to help him up, which was good of her, so I guess she deserves to win, even though I still don't like her. So since she won, she was free from expullsion.

All the other ladies were sent to detention and before they went Natasha went around to everyone and planned with them who she wanted to be the bottom three. She really wanted Brittanya out because she backstabbed her. Seriously!? Get over it! Geez, these girls can be so catty! She also planned for Brittaney and Bubbles to be down there, for really no reason at all. So those were the three bottom girls.

I just have to say one thing: Brittaney is so lame for walking out with those freakin' pink headphones on her head. And when asked why she had them on her answer was something about dancing to the music in her head, or something. Then she starts dancing with them like she's a DJ at a club. And LaLa tells her it looks disrespectful...which it does. It also makes her look really really lame!

But Ricky decides to not send anyone home this week. Which I think was a pretty good idea considering three girls went home at the last expullsion. Some of the other girls (BayBayBay and Natashia), don't like the fact that none of those girls are expelled, but thats just the way it is girls! It's Ricky's decision, not yours! The only reason BayBayBay and Natashia were pissed was because they simply did not like any of those girls. This show is not about making friends or liking the other girls, so they will just have to get over it.

A Season Premier and an Almost Season Finale

Since One Tree Hill is over for the season, and there are new shows I've been watching that air on Monday nights, my Monday night TV lineup has changed. There is, however, a tough decision I had to make. Do I watch Jon and Kate Plus 8 or Charm School at 9:00? Since I know that VH1 will replay Charm School again soon, and I don't watch TLC enough to know how often they will replay J&K+8, I decided to go with Jon and Kate Plus 8 for my new 9:00 slot. Of course after that The Hills, which I had to choose over the season finale of Keeping Up With The Kardashians (but of course E! will show that many times as well.)

So lets get to it shall we?

Jon and Kate Plus 8

So, like I said in my last post, I just started watching this show this weekend during the Memorial Day Weekend marathon and I love it already! Tonight's episode marked the 5th season's premier. And as we all know, from reading all those tabloid magazines, that there are rumors of Jon cheating on Kate, and that their marriage is falling apart, etc, etc. So half of this episode was Jon and Kate, discussing everything on their interview set, at separate times. I actually feel really bad for both of them. Who really knows if these rumors are true or not? The only people that know are Jon and Kate themselves and we can only go on what they say. Jon says he did not cheat so its up to us to believe him or not, either way he doesn't care. It sucks about the way he feels about being in the limelight and everything but he did put that upon himself for agreeing to do this show. And like he did say, he knows that, but he also said that at the beginning this show was about the children and now its become something totally different. It's not just about the kids anymore and he can't go anywhere without the paps being there to take pictures of him wherever he goes.

This is also how it is with Kate, of course. Even when she took the kids to the party store to get supplies for their birthday party. There the paps were...ready to take pictures of them. Which to me is really rude and inconsiderate. I mean, its not just the adult in this scenario, the children are there too, and its just rude and inconsiderate of them to do that. But that's how they are suppose to be. They are suppose to do whatever they can to get a picture, even if it means being rude and inconsiderate. I also feel sorry for Kate for having to put the whole party together, by herself, and to have to deal with 8 kids all by herself. Like, I know Jon is going through something and he needs a break, but seriously!?

The other half of the episode what celebrating the sextuplets 5th birthday. And of course they were so freakin' adorable the whole time. Those are the one's I feel sorry for the most. They are so innocent and they don't really know what is going on because they are so young. All they probably know is that Mommy and Daddy are fighting and they aren't together in the same place as much so they don't see one of them as much as the other at a given time. I just hope that one day they will understand and wont have hatred toward one parent or whatever. I really hope that Jon and Kate can make things work for the kids and I hope they are able to overcome this thing. I mean, they just renewed thier wedding vows and bought a new house so I hope it wasn't all for nothing. I'm one that doesn't understand how you can just not make your relationship work if you really truely love the other person. I think that if you really love the other person you can make it work, you just have to try really hard. And if it doesn't, you didn't try hard enough.

But anyway, I noticed the show went over the allotted time slot of one hour by like almost 15 mins. But I was glad that when it did end both Jon and Kate were eating a meal together with their children.

The Hills

So since Jon and Kate Plus 8 ended a little late, I missed the first few minutes of The Hills but I think the only thing I missed was Heidi looking at dresses. I tuned in while Lauren, Audrina, Stephanie, and Lo were all out to lunch.

Here are my thoughts of this bullet points :)

  • I think Kelly was a bitch to Stephanie. Stephanie was trying to be nice to her and all Kelly could do was be rude. I mean, she could of at least pretended to be nice back to her.
  • I think Brody was being an ass about the whole Audrina/Jayde ordeal. I understand that Jayde is his girlfriend and he loves her, but Audrina has been his friend for years. I think he should have been the middle man and tried and make things right between the two of them. But whatever!
  • I also think Spencer was being an ass when Heidi asked him from the bottom of her heart, to apologize to Lauren. But I'm glad he did end up doing it. It probably wasn't sincere but at least he did it for Heidi because he loves her and I'm sure he really did want to show her he's changed.
I'm pretty excited for the season finale, which is on Sunday, right before the MTV movie awards, at a special time of 8 pm. I don't really know why they are doing this, but whatever...

I'm glad Lauren decided to go to the wedding so I'm excited to see what happens. It also looks like Spencer talks to Heidi's mom about what's going on between them, and something Heidi's sister is upset about Spencer. Oh, the drama =)

A Weekend Marathon of Jon and Kate Plus 8

Ever since I saw The Soup a couple weeks ago, when they showed the clip of Kate yelling at Jon for not using a coupon, I though to myself "This is hilarious, I think I should start watching this show." So when I was flipping though channels Friday afternoon I saw that it was on so I figured that would be a perfect time to start watching, since the new season was starting. Little did I know it was a whole weekend marathon. So, from Friday afternoon to now, I've been watching Jon and Kate Plus 8. When I said I was going to start watching this show, I really held myself to it because I've been watching, nothing but Jon and Kate Plus 8 all weekend. And I have to say that I love it! The kids are just adorable and even though Kate can be very bossy and mean at times toward Jon, its still pretty funny.

Right now there is an article at Us Weekly's website where "Aunt Julie" urges viewers to not watch the show's season premier tonight. She first states that when the show first started Kate had a list of things that she wanted (trips, etc), which became the theme of each episode, and all of these things have been paid for with the budget of the show or traded for free advertisement. Well, DUH!! If it wasn't for the success of the show and the money they make from it, they wouldn't be able to afford all of the trips and things that the give to their children. If it were me I would do the same thing...wouldn't you? If I were on a reality show, of course I would use the money for family trips and things that my family needs.

Julie also goes to say that the show is staged. She says "there is a staff of people reading these blogs and they base the shows around what people are talking about." For example, Julie states that for the Chrismas 2007 episode, where they bake cookies and go caroling, the produces wanted them to show their appreciation to their helpers. Supposedly, Kate did not want to do it and she threw a fit about it, but ended up doing it in the end to help pacify viewers. She also says the children are being prompt to do or say certain things. They are children and I don't think they will do anything if they don't want to. Jon and Kate have even said in thier Q&A special episode, that I just watched, that the kids are not required, and they don't have to do anything they don't want to do. Sure, they are coached to say "On this episode of Jon and Kate Plus 8" but it looks like they enjoying doing that, and its cute.

It seems to me that this "Aunt Julie" is a jealous, backstabbing person. She is upset about not being in the show (probably for good reasons) and she wants to do, and say, anything to make this show, and this family, look bad. Yes, this is a reality show, and they are going to edit it in a way that is the most entertaining to the viewers. If that means the producers saying something like "hey, you should do this..." then who really cares. Its not like they go back and make them reenact something that they did before and they camera guys didn't catch it. And sure, Kate, can be a bitch sometimes, but I would be a little bit on edge, and cranky a lot if I had 8 children and 6 of them were only 5 years old.

I did, however, hear that this whole Jon and Kate relationship thing, is a scam. I don't really know what to think of that right now. But I think the reasons that "Aunt Julie" is giving for not watching the show tonight are bogus. I think she should come up with better reasons for us not to watch.

To read the full article click here =)

So what are your thoughts about everything?

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

It's One Group Against the Other

Charm school was on Monday night, but since Monday's are of course One Tree Hill nights, I had to miss it. But I was kinda excited when I was flipping through channels and I saw that it was on. Its such a ridiculous show but I love it.

So, in the first minute of the show a fight breaks out. (I know shocking...right!?) Anyway one of the Real Chance at Love girls were yelling at Bubbles. I think it was KiKi, but I could be wrong. So anyway, Bay Bay Bay here's her yelling at Bubbles, who by the way didn't even do anything wrong, so Bay Bay Bay starts yelling at her, and it wasn't even none of her business. Then the rest of the Real Chance at Love girls start yelling at Bubbles, and I'm sure none of them even know whats going on. They just want to yell just to yell. Its really annoying because Bubbles really didn't do anything. I really feel sorry for that girl and I hope that this show helps her gain more confidence because she really needs some.

And Bay Bay Bay is such a hypocrite. Some of the Rock of Love girls decided they wanted to have some drinks. So Bay Bay Bay was talking about how she didn't think they really were there to change but to get there next drink. Seriously!? That girl doesn't look like she wants to change either. I mean come on. Yelling at someone just to yell at them because you don't like them from the last show you were on! That doesn't look like you wanna change to me!

Then Ashley and one of the other Rock of Love girls decided it would be fun to play a little joke on Brittaneay and lock her in the bathroom. They also were sticking food under the door so she wouldn't get hungry. Brittaneay started freaking out because she was locked in the bathroom. Seriously!? It was just a joke, they were playing around, and she started freaking out like she was going to die in the bathroom. I mean they eventually unlocked the bathroom door. Then Brittaneay overreacted when she was talking to Ricky and said they were calling her fat and stuff...I don't really remember that but if someone else does feel free to prove me wrong.

That brings us to the expulsion cermony. The bottom three being Ashley, Marcia, and KiKi. Its understandable that the other girls wanted Ashley to leave since she did something really mean as a joke. KiKi said that she doesn't even know why she is part of the bottom three. Seriously!? She is lying through her teeth along with the rest of the Real Chance of Love girls. She knows damn well why she is down there.

So all of the Real Chance of Love girls are acting like angels, and talking to Ricky like none of them has done anything wrong so Farrah, Ashley, and Marcia walk of and say they are leaving the show because they can't take it anymore. I would want to walk of too. Some of them are actually there to chance thier ways and the others (namely the Real Chance of Love girls) are there to fight and be on tv and to try and with the money at the end even if they really didn't change at all. The three girls that wanted to walk off keep saying that the whole show is Real Chance of Love and they are right. But they decided to say and they should. They shouldn't quit because of those Real Chance at Love girls. They shouldn't let them win.

And thank goodness KiKi is the one to go home. She said she was there to change but obviously she wasn't. Then all of the Real Chance at Love girls were pissed off about Ricky's decision. Well they better watch out or they might be next because they are just as bad as KiKi.

So instead of me discussing One Tree Hill on Monday I'm going to try and remember to watch Charm School so I can discuss that in place of One Tree Hill since its on hiatus for the summer =)

The Lost Profiles- Jack

Since Lost is done for the season (I know, I'm sad about it too!) I needed to figure out something else to write about on Wednesdays instead of a recap/review of the episode. And since the next season will be the last I figured there was no better time than now to do this. I'm going to do something I call "The Lost Profiles," where I will do a profile on the characters.

This week: Jack

Name: Jackson Shephard

Played By: Matthew Fox

Age: 41

From: Los Angeles, California

Profession: Neurosurgeon

Relationship Status: Divorced

Children: He cares for Claire's son, Aaron as if he were his own, but really, he is his nephew

Why he was in Australia: To talk his father into returning home, only to have discovered he had died

People he came into contact with before the crash:
  • Desmond- They first meet when the both of them are running the stairs at the local stadium
  • Ana Lucia- He meets her in the airport bar before the flight
  • Rose- He keeps her company on the flight while Bernard is in the bathroom
Other people he is connected to from Flight 815:
  • Shannon- Her father was involved in the same accident as his ex-wife, Sarah
  • Claire- It turns out that they share the same father
Life after the island: He goes back to being a surgeon but soon becomes an alcoholic who abuses the prescription meds that he prescribes himself when he starts seeing his dead father. After getting over the hesitation he has about Aaron being his nephew, he starts a relationship with Kate and they soon get engaged but it doesn't last very long and they separate. Even though he continues to say they are not going back to the island he secretly takes flights hoping he will crash on the island.

*Most of my information comes from Wikipedia, so if I missed something let me know*

Next week: Kate Austen

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Top Five Tuesday

Every Tuesday I'm going to a little thing I call "Top Five Tuesday." I'll countdown my top five in everything related to television.

This week I'll be talking about my top 5 tv shows in the drama category.

# 5


I recently just got into this show. I got my boyfriend into a few shows that I liked to watch so he thought it would be nice if I watched something that he was into. He also thought I would like it since I like Grey's Anatomy and they are both medical dramas. So we started from the beginning and I love it! Although, I'm kinda sad that the show is almost over and I just started watching it.

Gossip Girl

Yes, both these are tied for the number 5 spot. I loved the books so I was so excited when I found out it was becoming a show. I started watching it from the start but for some reason I stopped...I'm not really sure why. But when season came out on dvd I ordered it on Netflix and wondered why I stopped watching it in the first place. But since season 2 was already started I didn't want to continue in the middle of the season. So now I have to wait til season 2 comes out on dvd to get caught up. But at least I can start watching season 3 when it premiers =)



I started watching this show when it first came out and I loved it from the first episode. I love scary movies and to me this show is a different scary movie every week. I watched the first season but when I came to college, I stopped watching it because I went out every Thursday and since Supernatural was on Thursday nights it was kinda hard to keep up with it. However, I rented the dvd's as soon as they came out. And this was one show I got my boyfriend into. We argue alot when it comes to the tv, so its nice to be into a few of the same tv shows. I have watched most of the current season but after that last hiatus I've fallen behind a bit. But I will of course rent it when it comes to dvd.



I didn't really know anything about this show when it first came on tv but my sister started watching it and said that she loved it. So I was at the movie store one night and decided to rent it and see what all the fuss was about. I loved it! Season two was already like halfway done by the time I finished season one so I couldn't start halfway through the season. So I waited til season two was on dvd to watch it. But as season three rolled around I still couldn't watch it because it was on at the same time as One Tree Hill. But then halfway through it switched nights so I was able to watch it. Since I only saw like half the season I had to rent season 3 when it came out so I knew all that was going on. Finally, when season 4 premiered I was able to watch it on tv. And my boyfriend was with me during that episode and of course had no clue what was going on. So I decided to buy season one so he could watch it. He was addicted after the first disk so for a weekend the only thing we did was sit in his dorm room on watch Lost and eat junk food. I didn't need to buy season 2 because my sister got it for Christmas (my mom didn't want to buy season one because it was more expensive lol) so I just got it from her and for another weekend all we did was stay in his dorm room and watch Lost and eat junk food. I then of course had to buy season 3. So at the same time we were starting from the beginning and watching the new season at the same time. I'm sure you all can figure out how confusing this may be for my boyfriend ;) But now, he is as obsessed with this show as I am! And were both sad that the show will be over after the next season. But we will always have the dvds to go back to!


Grey's Anatomy

This is another show that I didn't watch in the very beginning. I think it was because I always watched The WB (and then the CW when it was changed) and I never really watched ABC and that was why I never knew anything about this show or Lost. But my senior year of high school one of my physics partners watched it so she would talk about every now and then. And when I got to college some of my friends watched it every week so I sometimes watched it with them. Even though I didn't know what was going on I still thought it was a great show so last year I started renting the dvds and of course I fell in love with it. I got caught up just in time for the return of the show after one of their mid season hiatus so I was able to finish up the season. My boyfriend watched a couple episodes with me but he would always pretend he wasn't really into it. Then this year I started buying the dvds because I really wanted to watch them over and he started watching them with me (we didn't have cable so there really wasn't much of a choice on what he watched, and which is also why we watched a lot of tv on dvd lol) So then, I got him into another favorite show of mine and he isn't ashamed of it! And even though I just started watching it a year ago, it still has my number 2 spot because this is one show where every episoded has exceded my expectations. I have never been bored watching an episode of this show!

And #1 favorite show (in the category of drama...and just in general)


This is my number one show because this is the one show I have watched from the very beginning and have never missed an episode. I have been an avid, obsessed fan from the beginning. I've bought ever set of dvds as soon as they come out and every soundtrack. I've also made mix cd's of some of the songs that have been featured in the show that haven't been on the soundtrack. I've also gotten a lot of people I know into this show so I have people to talk about it with. I got my sisters into it: as soon as I got season 1 on dvd I brought it to my dad's and the three of us stayed up all night until we finished the season. Even my little sister got into it. Then one year when we were on vacation I got my mom into it. We were taking a break from the beach one day because we were so sunburnt so I popped in the first disk and she loved it. So the next year we watched season 2. Then when I got to college my friend Rose and I watched it every week together. She never saw much of the show but of course I got her into it. I also got my friend Jackie into it last year. She was always a fan of the O.C instead of One Tree Hill but last year she started from the beginning and loved it. This show has been my number one since it started and will always be. Even though I do prefer the first four seasons over this four year jump...but they have had some crazy episodes in these last two seasons. Even with two of the main characters not coming back next season I will still watch and it will still be my number 1 =)

Well, thats my top 5...What's yours?

Next week I'll countdown my top 5 favorite reality shows

Monday, May 18, 2009

And They All Lived Happily Ever After

One Tree Hill

This season of One Tree Hill has been a whirlwind for the residents of Tree Hill, North Carolina. Lets take a look back of some of the more crazier times this year...
  • Crazy Nanny Carrie comes back and takes Dan hostage in order to get Jamie back
  • Brooke is attacked in her store while getting her design sketches stolen from her
  • Quentin is unexpectedly shot because he was in the wrong place at the wrong time
  • Sam is kidnapped by the same guy who beat up Brooke and killed Quentin
  • Haley gets fired for publishing Sam's amazing life story in the school paper
  • Peyton finds out she is pregnant but if she goes through with it she may die
But despite all of the crazy things that have happened this year everyone ends up with a happy ending. Yes, thats right! Everyone on this season's finale of One Tree Hill got their happy ever after!

Even Lucas and Peyton, who in last week's episode had a bit of a scare. Peyton had her baby...who was an adorable baby girl...and after four days in a coma, woke up and was fine. She even named her baby Sawyer Brooke Scott. Seriously!? Its just like Jamie's name with the maden name for the first name and the best friend for the middle name. The writers couldn't have come up with a better baby name than that? And then at the end they go for a ride in the newly renovated Comet...but come next season...they don't come back. So they go for a car ride and never come back. Seriously!? They couldn't come up with a better send off for those two?

Anyway lets go on to the other happily ever afters of this years season finale...

Nathan finally gets called in to the NBA! And I'm so proud of him! He has definatly made a come back.

Brooke and her mom are finally at a good place. If it wasn't for her Brooke would never have had her happy ending with Jullian. If it wasn't for her Brooke probably would never have went to LA to tell Jullian how she really feels. But I couldn't believe that she gave up her part of the buisness and gave it all to Brooke. But Brooke deserves it since she is the one that built that buisness from the ground up. It kinda sucked, though, that Sam wasn't in this episode.

Even the other couples in this show got happy endings.

One person that didn't get so much of a happy ending is Dan. But with the circumstances that is understandable. But he didn't have it so bad. I did however, for a second, thought maybe he would try committing suicide again. I'm glad he didn't though. He's the only parent, since the beginning, that has stayed on the show. It was also very nice of Peyton to let him hold little Sawyer. I was very surprised she did, however.

Speaking of past adult characters...I was so happy to see Karen and Whitey on this episode. I was surprised they weren't in the last episode considering it was the wedding but whatever.

Now we all have to wait about five months or so until we find out what happens. But there wasn't any cliffhangers this time around. It was like they wrote the episode just in case the show would'nt come back and that was the series finale. But I'm not sure how much longer this show is going to last with Lucas or Peyton. I will be sad when the show ends but it's had a good run. I guess we'll talk about that when the time comes

The Hills

Now its not Monday Night TV Night without The Hills. This week Lauren fires Stephanie and Spencer meets Heidi's biological dad.

I guess Heidi and Spencer have gotten better since the whole bartender Stacie thing. Which I guess is good. Now he has to meet her dad and get his permission to marry her once and for all. Which he does and then proposes again! Did you see the size of the rock he gave her!? It was huge...but pretty none the less. So it looks like now they are finally going to tye the knot. (Which we all know they do)

Then we have Stephanie who cries when Lauren fires her. She seriously didn't see it coming? She was doing a horrible job and I guess she was the only one who didn't see it. I guess she was just having a bad week because they guy she went out with from the band The White Tie Affair broke it to her that he has a girlfriend...that he lives with. Maybe he should have told her that before they went out. What a good boyfriend he was for going out with another girl.

So next week Spencer calls up Lauren, Heidi goes dress shopping, and Stephanie invites Lauren to the wedding. I guess we'll have to see how that all pans out.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Kardashians Go Camping

I love reality television, and Keeping Up With the Kardashians is one of my favorites. On tonight's episode the Kardashians go camping with Adrienne's family, who by the way are really conservative, and well, the Kardashians are not. We all know that Khloe likes to cuss alot, Kortney likes to make out with her boyfriend alot, and by the looks at this episode Kris likes to start drinking as soon as it his 5 o'clock. Now, in my opinion, there is nothing wrong with those things, if that is who you are, but seriously!? If you know that your going to be around people who are very different than yourself, I think its a good idea to maybe tone down your behavior just a little bit. I'm glad Rob stood up for himself and told his family what was what. Good for him! I'm glad his sisters listened to him and I'm glad they all let bygons be bygons and ended up friends in the end.

On another note...Bruce gets plastic fix his past surgery mistakes and to get rid of some wrinkles. And he looks great. He still looks pretty much the same as he did, but better!

Thats An Amazing Cake!

I was flipping through channels and I was getting really upset because I could not find anything on tv that was worth watching...I know its shocking. Until I flipped to the Food Network. Now, I usually don't watch the food network but they were doing something that really interested me. THEY WERE MAKING A LOST THEMED CAKE! I love Lost, if you couldn't tell already by my blog, so I was really excited to watch this. They made it for the 100th episode (which was an amazing episode.)

I mean this cake was so cool! There was the island, which was the main cake, and at the end there was the ocean which had the Lost logo on it. On top of the island was the dharma computer, dharma beer cans, a palm tree, a gun, and a suitcase...which were all separate cakes! To top it all of there were all these figures representing the cast, and of course a crashed airplane. And the figures looked so much like the actual people!

I just can't get over how elaborate it was. For those of you who haven't seen this episode here is a picture of it.

How cool is that!?

Saturday, May 16, 2009

These Girls Are Crazzzzy!

Why do I watch these stupid VH1 shows? I watched seasons 1 and 2 of Flavor of Love, both seasons of I Love New York, and seasons 1 and 2 and the last half of season 3 of Rock of Love. There really dumb and mostly fake but I just love them and I don't know why! They are just so funny and entertaining because they are so dumb.

I also watched the first season of Charm school, which had girl from Flavor of Love. Again, it was really dumb but was really funny and entertaining. I never watched season two, which had girls from Rock of Love, because I didn't have cable at that time but I'm sure I would have watched it if I did. So, Ill admit I was pretty excited when I saw that Charm School was coming back with season three. This time there were girls from Real Chance of Love and the latest season of Rock of Love. I've never seen Real Chance of Love and since I've only seen like half of the latest season of Rock of Love, I didn't know most of the girls that are on this season. But I'm still going to watch it because I can't help myself.

Just like seasons one and two...they bring on the girls that are the craziest and will cause the most drama because that is what people want to see. But these are also the girls that need the most out of this show. This show was started to help these crazy girls better themselves and the girls that cause the most drama are defiantly the ones that need the most help. And a lot of them...not surprisingly...are strippers.

There are two girls in the first episode that stand out the most: Beverly and Brittaney. As soon as they move into their rooms they start verbally going at each other. Brittaney tells Beverly that she's a bad mom, blah blah blah. Seriously!? Now I dont know how Beverly is with her kids but how can you say she is a bad mom when you don't even have kids and your a STRIPPER!? Obviously if she had kids herself she wouldn't be the best mom in the world! Then all the girls go outside for a mixer and start drinking a little bit too much alcohol. This is where Beverly decides she wants to talk to Brittaney but Brittaney decides she wants to be immature and not go over to see what she has to say. Maybe she was going to apologize? But I guess we will never know because Brittaney decides to just sit there and act like she doesn't hear what Beverly is saying. So Beverly goes over to talk to Brittaney and Brittaney decides she is going to turn her head and be immature. So Beverly threatens to grab her by her "nappy blonde drag-queen hair." So, Brittaney tells her to do it. Well, maybe if she didn't really want her to grab her by her hair she shouldn't have told her to go ahead and do it because then of course Beverly grabs her by her hair and Brittaney starts crying about it and how her hair is now coming out. She is crying because "her hair is her favorite thing about her." Well, obviously her hair is fake because if she didn't have extensions her hair wouldn't be falling out so easily! Seriously!? What a big baby, who then goes to tattle on Beverly to Ricky, who is this season's head mistress. So then Ricky said she had no choice but to expel Beverly because "they don't tolerate any violence." It's not like she punched her in the face, she just grabbed her hair. And obviously Beverly came to this show so she can chance her violent ways, but now she can't if she is being expelled. And the only thing Brittaney can say about it is that she didn't go there to get beat up and that she wouldn't look good in black and blue. Obviously you didn't go there to get beat up because no one wants to see a stripper with a black eye!

Then comes time for the expullsion ceremony. The girls that get on the deans list get to be saved from expullsion and the rest go to detention. The girls in detention then vote on who they think should be expulled and the three girls that are mentioned the most are the bottom three. Well there are only two girls that are voted in: Gia and Brittaney. Gia is the last one to vote so she gets to pick Brittaney or another girl to be in the bottom two. She decides to pick Ashley even though Ashley kept saying she would never vote Gia into the bottom two and she was standing up for Gia the most. Well Gia decides to repay her by putting her in the bottom three right along side her. Seriously!? That girl must have been really drunk and to not know what was going on for putting her friend in the bottom three for no reason.

But Gia was the one to go home because she drank way to much and Ricky felt like Charm school could not help her alcohol problem. Gia even said herself that she decided not to drink while at charm school but went back on her word because there was nothing wrong with drinking "one drink, two drinks, three drinks, or even four drinks." Well those must have either been some strong four drinks or you drank wayyyyy more than four! After expullsion she runs outside, throws her stripper shoes on the ground, rips of her shirt, flashes the camera, and says "I'm prettier than all of those girls in there." Well, Gia, this show isn't about how pretty you are!

The Shocking Grey's Finale

Yay! Its Thursday Night and for many people, including me, that means Grey's Anatomy is on! Which is on my list of favorite tv shows =) Tonight was the 2 hour season finale. Abc is good on making there season finales 2 hours a lot of the time and heck, I'm not complaining! This season started with a 2 hour premier so why not end with a 2 hour finale? This season has by far been the best season yet! The best and...the saddest. I would have to say that I think I have cried, or have wanted to cry, during every single episode this season. And this episode was no exception.

Here are some of the sadder moments of season 5:

  • The woman, in the season premier, losing her memory, which reset every 30 seconds, and also losing her husband.
  • The two teenage girls, who are sisters, that were in the car accident and the one is brain dead right after her sister tells her that she hopes she dies.
  • The pregnant lady who comes in with her husband, who was the patient, but then herself gets admitted, and ends up dying, resulting in the husband calling Derek a murder.
  • All those college students dying on thier graduation day.
  • And whats up with all these dying children this season? A girl with an inoperable tumor, the little boy who tries to fake dying so he can get a wish but then he really is dying and needs new organs, and the little girl dying and all her dad wants to to is to find ways to save her, when there is no way to save her, instead of staying by her side when she needs him the most.
  • But of course the saddest of all...Izzy has cancer!
And now to add to the list...Izzy flat lined after getting her memory back and John Doe is GEORGE! I can not believe it! I'm still in shock! I was in shock when he joined the army and now I'm in even bigger shock. They can't kill both of them off...can they?

Izzy and Alex were so adorable in the beginning I would hate to see all that disappear. I knew it was too good to be true that she came out of that surgery just fine only to have short term memory loss and then to have her memory back. But I'm so glad the Chief said forget the DNR. I mean all she wanted was to not be a vegetable...being recesitated doesn't mean she will be a vegetable.

But I still can't believe that George joined the army. I heard he didn't want to come back to the show and I thought the army would be his send off...but being killed off!? And Arizona saying she thought it was awesome he joined the army! I understand she wished there were more doctors for her brother when he was in the army but obviously she doesn't really know George because he is not army material.

And I was looking forward to see a Derek and Meredith wedding...even if it was at City Hall. But I understand that they are very busy people. If they would have went though, she never would have realized that John Doe was George. So I guess its a good thing. But it was cute what they did with the wedding contract on the post-it. Besides, as long as they signed the wedding license they dont really need a wedding.

Speaking of weddings...what was up with Mark and Lexi? She was really dumb for not realizing that he was asking her to move in with him and then talking about marriage. They are so cute together I hope they don't break up.

Speaking of breaking up...I feel really bad for Bailey. I'm glad she is standing up for herself with the "no ultimatum" but I'm sad for her. Its probably a good thing she didn't take the peds fellowship. She has always been a general surgeon and thats what she is good at.

All and all that was an amazing episode and a great end to a great season. I can not wait until fall when it comes back on!

LOST Season Finale Was Crazyyyy!

Its Wednesday and for me what that means is...LOST is on!!! This is defiantly on my top 5 favorite tv drama shows and I'm so excited because tonight's season finale is 2 hours long. What's better than watching one of your favorite tv show for 2 hours instead of one! But before the actual finale was a special called "Lost: A Journey In Time" So really it was really 3 hours...that's even better!

Its been a pretty crazy season! At first it wasn't really going anywhere considering it took like four episodes for them to get back to the island. But once they got there its been nothing but an awesome season! There are some things I'm still shocked about.

For instance:

  • Jin is alive! Don't get me wrong...I love Jin and I'm so happy that he's alive but I can't believed he survived the explosion.
  • The people left on the island join the Darma Initiative. Didn't see that one coming!*Sawyer and Julliet are together! Seriously!? I have always been and always will be a shipper of Kate and Sawyer and I have never liked Julliet so I hate that she is now with Sawyer. But after the last episode there is still hope for Kate and Sawyer and I really really hope they end up together in the end!
  • Ben kills Locke! Even though Locke is alive once he gets back to the island I can't believe Ben killed him. I wonder what Ben's going to do now that Locke is still leader of the others.
  • Daniel is DEAD! And his MOM killed him. The 1970s version of her killed him but her present self knew what she was doing when she told him he should take the job that would take him back to the island.
  • Ceaser and Alana knew that they were going back to the island.
  • Sayid shoots little Ben!
  • Charles Whitmore is Daniel's father.
  • Speaking of fathers...Dr. Chang is Miles' father! Would never have guessed!
  • We finally find out where the smoke monster comes from!
  • Oh and I couldn't forget about Amy's baby. Its Ethan! I honestly didn't think it was him. I wonder how he ends up with a different last name? I guess we will find out next season!

So I think that's pretty much the entire season in a nutshell(minus a few minor things). So here are my thoughts on the 2 hour season finale of LOST.

  • Of course the first five minutes of every LOST episode are very crusial...and in these first five minutes we find out who Jacob is! I didn't even think that he was an actual person (considering Ben made up the fact that he was in the cabin that time he brought Locke there, which he admits) but here he is sitting on the beach with the statue. And then we find out he went to go visit everyone at some point in time! But now we know why Hurley went back and had that guitar case. And we find out he is friendly with Alana! And of course she had to torch the caban after learning Jacob hasn't been there for awhile! Now Locke will never find it. But wait...Jacob lives in the statue!? Really!?
  • I really hate when Sawyer tells Kate and then Jack that him and Julliet were happy in Darmaville before they all showed up and when he tells. It was him that said they would wait as long as it took for everyone to come back for him!
  • Little Sawyer is so cute! And how can you tell a little boy to get over the loss of both his parents!
  • Ok...first Julliet wants to stop Jack and then she thinks he is right? Seriously!? And because of the way "he looked at her" Obviously she is insecure with her relationship. Even though I could care less since I hate her and want Saywer to end up with Kate.
  • I thought Richard was a good guy but I really don't know anymore
  • Now that we've seen how Nadia died its even sadder! It was wonderful that Sayid finally got to be with the women he loved and then she got taken away from him too quickly! So sad!
  • They found Vincent, Rose, and Bernard! I screamed when I saw Vincent running out of the jungle like that! I was wondering what happened to them. There not the bones of "Adam and Eve" in the caves after all!
  • Now we know that John has not only died once and came back to life, but twice. He was totally a dead man when his dad pushed him out of that window but Jacob brought him back to life!
  • Sun looked so beautiful in her wedding dress...which was also really pretty :)
  • Awwww...Jack still loves Kate! Except she is suppose to be with Sawyer! Sorry Jack!
  • I actually feel kinda sorry for Ben. He is just so downhearted about not being the leader and having to listen to his dead daughter...Poor Ben!
  • And of course the bomb does NOT go off! And Julliet gets sucked into that black hole! I do feel really bad for Sawyer but Kate can always give him her shoulder to cry on :) But she isn't I don't know! But she finds out why the bomb didn't go off and does it herself!
  • And the biggest shock of all!??? LOCK IS REALLY DEAD!!!! So who the heck is this other person!??? They both seem to be Locke...and Jacob seems to know exactly what is going on! Well I would like to know what is going on! And I'm sure everyone else would also like to know too!

But now we have to wait until next January to see what happens! And its going to be the last season :( Sooo sad! But I can't wait!!! Its been a crazy season and I'm sure its just going to get crazier!

Monday Night TV Night

Its Monday night, and for me that means its TV night! I used to have TV night with my friend Jackie, but she now works on Mondays =( Oh well...I can still have TV night by myself right? Before I moved into the apartment if I couldn't go over to Jackie's on Mondays I would have to wait until my shows were uploaded on the internet. Now, I'm so excited that I can actually watch my shows on time! So every Monday its always One Tree Hill and The Hills.

One Tree Hill

So for this week on One Tree Hill, its the wedding day every One Tree Hill fan has been waiting for. Well, if your an avid fan of Lucas and Peyton that is. I never really was a fan of those to because I have always been on Team Brooke. But since everyone all has always been and will always be, Lucas and Peyton. But they are starting to grow on me. And I do have to say Peyton looks very pretty in that wedding dress and being 8 months pregnant. Speaking of, the time sure has gone by fast this season. I can't believe she is 8 months already!

Here are my thoughts
  • Jullian bringing "movie Brooke" to the wedding to make Brooke jealous...Are you kidding me!? How lame! And he is even more lame for saying what he did about 98 degrees.
  • Movie Brooke is so annoying!
  • I love love love Brooke's bridesmaid dress. Its soo pretty!
  • I can't believe Haley is the minister but she did a pretty good job.
  • Jamie is such a cutie! But isn't he always?? But he is adorable in that little outfit and that little hat. So cute!
  • Lucas is so sweet for decorating the house like he did and fixing up the comet to surprise Peyton after their wedding.
  • I knew something was gonna happen to Peyton at the was kinda obvious...but I thought her water was going to break or something and she would go into labor, I was not expecting her to start bleeding.
  • And I can't believe that Nathan didn't get a call for the NBA and skipped practice. I feel so bad for him.
  • Victoria is such a bitch...excuse my language...but its true. Why does she always have to bring up the name of the company being "clothes over bros?" Who cares!? Just because the name of Brooke's company is clothes over bros does not mean she can never have a boyfriend and someday get married!

Here are the things I find hilarious
  • Skills has Jamie on a short leash (literally) which is understandable considering, like Skills said, what happened at Lucas' last wedding.
  • Everyone is talking about "slutty, wedding sex" which Nathan and Haley did have.
  • Mouth doing his little spoof of "The Blair Witch Project."
  • What Nathan said to Lucas about his almost wedding with Lindsey.
  • Haley quoting Poison in her speech.
  • Brooke drags Nick Lachey from the studio while he is in the middle of recording a song, to be her date for the wedding reception
This wedding was so cute! Everytime I see a wedding it makes me want to play my own. But my time will come within the next few years (hopefully). Anyway, all together, it was a pretty good episode.

Next week,

I'm so excited for season finale...but I am not excited for a summer hiatus! I hope Peyton doesn't die but I wouldn't put it past the writers since Hilary isn't coming back next season.

The Hills

Here are my thoughts
  • Stephanie is really stupid! Lauren gets her an internship and she is just throwing it all away because she doesn't listen and doesn't do what she is told to do. Of course she doesn't pack the pieces that Lauren asks her to pack, or even remember Lauren telling her for that matter. And of course your not doing that great, Stephanie...what tipped ya off?? And why didn't Lauren just fire here after she got back from talking with her boss and Stephanie asked her "how bad was it?"
  • Justin Bobby is such a loser! I'm so glad that Audrina is finally telling him to get lost and to not call her. If only he would stop chasing her and crying like a baby. And what is up with his outfit...those pants and those black and white stripped socks with combat boots! Seriously!? Well he was never the classiest dresser.
  • Stacie is such a stupid bitch, excuse my language again...but seriously!? She obviously just wants on air time and wants to be on this show. She is so two-faced. Who goes after another girl's boyfriend. I hate girls like that!
  • Then again, Heidi should have learned by now that Spencer is a loser and that he is not going to change. But at least they are trying to make it work by going to couple's counseling. But then again, they are the two people on this show that I have always thought were faking the whole time just for the publicity and the money. Ahh...who knows!?
Next week,

Seriously!? Spencer is proposing to Heidi again when they haven't even been working on thier relationship that long...I was never that confident on the reality of thier relationship. And why is Stephanie so upset about getting fired?? She is the one that brought that on herself.

Anway I'll be back next week to talk about the season finale of One Tree Hill and the next episode of The Hills

Daisy of Love...Seriously!?

Daisy was on Rock of Love and I thought she was annoying then. And she is pretty much still annoying but here I am watching this show anyway! All these dating shows that are just spin offs of other dating shows are dumb but sometimes you can't just turn away because they are so dumb and ridiclous they are funny. Although this show isn't nearly as funny as Rock of Love or even I love New York.

Speaking of I love New York how lame is it that 12 pack, who was on I Love New York, is now on Daisy of Love! What a reality star man whore! He is so lame! Obviously he is not there for love!

Another thing...I know that this is a spinoff of Rock of Love but Rock of Love makes way more sense of a title than Daisy of Love. Seriously!? They couldn't have been more original??

This was the first episode I saw of this show, and I only started watching it because there was nothing else on, but maybe I'll start watching it from now on.