Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Lost Profiles: Sayid

This week's Lost Profile: Sayid

Name: Sayid Jarrah

Played By: Naveen Andrews

From: Tikrit, Iraq

Age: 39

Former Profession: Communications officer in the Iraqi Republican Guard

Relationship Status: Widowed

Children: None

Why he was in Australia: The ASIS and the CIA told him if he would infiltrate a terrorist cell and uncover stolen C-4 they would tell him where Nadia, his childhood friend who he interrogated in the Rebublican Guard and helped escape, was.

People he came into contact with before the crash:
  • Shannon- he asked her to watch his bags
Other people he is connected to from Flight 815: None

Life after he left the island: He marries Nadia, who is soon killed by a car that was meant for Sayid, but Jacob intervened. He then starts working for Ben, assassinating all the people that was responsible for Nadia's death.

*Most of my information comes from Wikipedia, so let me know if I missed something*

Next Week: Charlie

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